Important and Expected TNPSC Group - 4 Exam 2016 General Studies / General Knowledge

1.Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana ' has been launched for _____
Answer: Promoting Financial inclusion in the country

2. Which committee recommended tax on agriculture holding _____
Answer: Raj Committee

3. What is the percentage of India's Population to the world population?
Answer: 17.5%

4. How many members are there in WHO (World Health Organisation)?
Answer: 194

5. When was observed 'World Health Day'?
Answer: April-07

6. Vienna is the Capital and the largest city of ______
Answer: Austria

7. The world's first electric passenger aircraft ' BOCTE' has recently been manufactured by _____
Answer: China

8. Where is situated ' Kaiga Atomic Power Station ' in India?
Answer: Karnataka

9. The most commonly used biofertilizer is _______
Answer: Rhizobium

10. The World  Consumers Rights Day is observed every year on ______
Answer: 15th March.

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