TNPSC - Latest Current Affairs in English Medium

1. Name the team that announced the detection of gravitational waves for the second time, the flexing of space and time caused by the black hole collision on June 15, 2016. 
(D) ESA 
Answer: C

2. Which country’s parliament unanimously passed the RTI bill with amendment on June 25, 2016? 
(A) India 
(B) Sri Lanka 
(C) Britain 
(D) West Indies 
Answer: B

3. Identify the issue on which the RBI released its draft guidelines to tap the licensing of Universal Bank on May 6, 2016. 
(A) Agricultural sector 
(B) Financial sector 
(C) Public sector 
(D) Private sector 
Answer: D

4. Which hybrid research plane was unveiled by NASA in June, 2016? 
(A) X-57 
(B) U-58 
(C) P-42 
(D) B-80 
Answer: A

5. ‘International Day against Drung abuse and Illicit Trafficking’ was observed on June 26, 2016 with theme. 
(A) Listen first 
(B) Drung-stop it 
(C) Help drug abuse 
(D) Stop drug abuse 
Answer: A

6. Which country hosted the 42nd G-7 Summit in May, 2016? 
(A) Japan 
(B) United States 
(C) India 
(D) Qatar 
Answer: A 

7. Which Indian Bank was named in Hall of Shame list 2016? 
(A) Union Bank of India 
(B) Axis Bank 
(C) HDFC Bank 
(D) State Bank of India 
Answer: D

8. International Olympic Day 2016 was celebrated on____
(A) June 25 
(B) June 23 
(C) June 20 
(D) June 22 
Answer: B

9. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on June 4, 2016 awarded with? 
(A) Amir Amanullah Khan Award 
(B) Medal of Aman 
(C) Desh-ai-Noor 
(D) Noor-ai-Elahi 
Answer: A

10. As per Global Fraud Report 2016-16 which nation is the third highest in terms of fraud among all countries and regions surveyed across six continents? 
(A) India 
(B) Pakistan 
(C) Afghanistan 
(D) China 
Answer: A

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