TNPSC Indian Constitution - Objective Questions and Answers - Part - 29

1. The Constitution of India, was drafted and enacted in which language?
(A) Hindi
(B) English
(C) Tamil
(D) Telugu
Answer: B

2. In Article 394A which language is the authoritative text of the constitution of India?
(A) Punjabi
(B) Manipuri
(C) Hindi
(D) Urdu
Answer: C

3. Which Constitutional Article states ‘This Constitution may be called the Constitution of India’?
(A) Article 397
(B) Article 396
(C) Article 395
(D) Article 394
Answer: D

4. Which Constitutional Article states that Hindi is the official language?
(A) Article 343
(B) Article 346
(C) Article 345
(D) Article 347
Answer: A

5. In which language script, Constitution of India was signed by the members of the Constitutent Assembly on 21st Jan. 1950?
(A) English
(B) Hindi
(C) A & B
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

6. Which Constitutional Article defines the ‘Provision in case of failure of Constitutional Authority in the state?
(A) Article 356
(B) Article 357
(C) Article 353
(D) Article 351
Answer: A

7. After which report, President promulgates President Rule in the State?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Union Home Minister
(C) Chief Minister
(D) Governor
Answer: D

8. Who has the Authority to approve President Rule in the state?
(A) Parliament
(B) Lok Sabha
(C) State Legislature
(D) Council of State
Answer: A

9. Who has the constitutional power not to approve `President Rule’ in the state under Article 356?.
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Parliament
(C) Union Council of Ministers
(D) State Government
Answer: B

10. In case President Rule in the state is not approved by the Parliament, ‘For how many months the same promulgation shall last’?.
(A) Four Months
(B) Two Months
(C) Three Months
(D) Six Months
Answer: D

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