TNPSC Indian Constitution - Objective Questions and Answers - Part - 19

1. Jurisdiction of the Administrative Tribunal is not supplementary but is a complete substitute for whom?
(A) High Court
(B) Civil Courts
(C) A & B
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

2. Under which constitutional article, jurisdiction of the Supreme Court has been retained over the Administrative Tribunals?
(A) Article 356
(B) Article 136
(C) Article 132
(D) Article 134
Answer: B

3. Jurisdiction of the High Courts under Article 226 over service matters has been taken over by which judicial institution?
(A) District Court
(B) Administrative Court
(C) Chief Metropolitan Magistrate
(D) High Court
Answer: B

4. Which Constitutional Institution conducts elections of Parliament and State Legislatures and to the offices of President and Vice-President?
(A) State Election Commission
(B) Provisional Election Commission
(C) Election Commission
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

5. After 44th Constitutional Amendment provisions relating with election in Part XV of the Constitution of India have been retained in how many Articles?
(A) 324-329A
(B) 324-329
(C) 324-327
(D) 224-228
Answer: B

6. Which Constitutional Article relating with the subject of election was omitted through 44th Amendment Act 1975?
(A) 329A
(B) 329B
(C) 329C
(D) 329
Answer: A

7. Through which Constitutional Amendment, Article 329A relating with the subject of Election was inserted?
(A) 25th Amendment Act 1971
(B) 27th Amendment Act 1971
(C) 28th Amendment Act 1972
(D) 39th Amendment Act 1975
Answer: D

8. Through which Constitutional Article, the subject of Bar to interference by courts in electoral matters have been elaborated?
(A) Article 327
(B) Article 229
(C) Article 329
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

9. Which Constitutional Article elaborated power of Parliament to make provision with respect to election to legislatures?
(A) Article 329
(B) Article 327
(C) Article 328
(D) Article 330
Answer: B

10. Who appoints Chief Election Commissioner?
(A) President
(B) Prime Minister
(C) Parliament
(D) None of the above
Answer: A

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