TNPSC Indian Constitution - Objective Questions and Answers - Part - 27

1. Whose satisfaction is required under Constitutional Article 347 regarding special provision for creating language spoken by a section of the population of a state?
(A) Parliament
(B) Judiciary
(C) President
(D) Prime Minister
Answer: C

2. Which Constitutional Article defines official language for communication between the state and another state and the Union?
(A) Article 349
(B) Article 346
(C) Article 243
(D) Article 305
Answer: B

3. Which Constitutional Article defines the Panchayat Raj?
(A) 243O
(B) 243A
(C) 243
(D) 243I
Answer: C

4. In the Indian Constitution, which type of the Sabha is mentioned under Panchayat Raj?
(A) District Sabha
(B) Gram Sabha
(C) Nagar Panchayat Sabha
(D) Zila Sabha
Answer: B

5. Under Constitutional Article 243, what is the meaning of Panchayat?
(A) Self Gram Panchayat Raj
(B) Government of Village
(C) Self Government
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

6. Under Constitutional Article 243D, in Panchayat who gets reservation?
(A) Scheduled Caste
(B) Scheduled Tribes
(C) A & B
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

7. Who make composition of Panchayat under Constitutional Article 243(C)?
(A) State Assembly
(B) Lok Sabha
(C) Council of State
(D) Legislature of State
Answer: D

8. Which Constitutional Article defines disqualification for the members of Panchayat?
(A) Article 243F
(B) Article 243G
(C) Article 243I
(D) None of the above
Answer: A

9. Which Constitutional Article defines the duration of the Panchayat?
(A) Article 243N
(B) Article 243O
(C) Article 243E
(D) Article 243B
Answer: C

10. Which Constitutional Article define `Municipalities’?
(A) Article 243P
(B) Article 243Q
(C) Article 243T
(D) Article 343U
Answer: A

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