TNPSC Group 4 Model Questions with Answers - 07

1. Who has formulated the 'Sub-cultural theory' of urbanization? 
(A) Fisher 
(B) Burgess 
(C) Wirth 
(D) Weber 
Answer: B

2. The term social control was first used by___ 
(A) Merton 
(B) Sumner 
(C) Davis 
(D) Ross 
Answer: D

3. Who has defined that "By social change is meant only such alter-nations as occur in social organisation–that is the structure and function of society" ? 
(A) Ginsberg 
(B) Davis 
(C) Gillin and Gillin 
(D) MacIver and Page 
Answer: B 

4. Who has propounded the theory of 'Challenge and Response' ? 
(A) Toynbee 
(B) Sorokin 
(C) Pareto 
(D) Spengler 
Answer: Toynbee 

5. Human Development includes___
(A) Life expectancy 
(B) Literacy level 
(C) Satisfactory per capita income 
(D) All the above 
Answer: D

6. Who wrote the book 'Karma Yoga' ? 
(A) Radhakrishnan 
(B) Bhagwan Das 
(C) M.K. Gandhi 
(D) Vivekanand 
Answer: D

7. Caste system is based on– 
(A) Dharma
 (B) Karm 
(C) Birth 
(D) Social organization 
Answer: C

8. Who made the distinction between 'achieved status' and 'ascribed status' ? 
(A) Linton 
(B) MacIver 
(C) Simmel 
(D) Le Bon 
Answer: A

9. Who wrote the book 'Social Order' ? 
(A) T. Parsons 
(B) R. Bierstedt 
(C) R.K. Merton 
(D) K. Davis 
Answer: B

10. Which one of the following is a function of social stratification? 
(A) Social recognition 
(B) To provide social knowledge 
(C) Social integration 
(D) To increase social distance 

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