TNPSC - Group 4 Model Questions for General Studies - Science

01. Cockroach and other insects possess a ____
(A) Open type vascular system 
(B) Closed type vascular system 
(C) No vascular system 
(D) Both (A) and (B) 
Answer: A

02. Ganglioside is found in _____
(A) Nerve 
(B) Smooth muscles
 (C) Carolina muscles 
(D) Liver cells 
Answer: A

03. Structure involved in Addison’s disease is _____
(A) Adrenal cortex 
(B) Adrenal medulla 
(C) Pituitary 
(D) Thyroid 
Answer: A

04. Biceps and Triceps surround _____ 
(A) Radius 
(B) Ulna 
(C) Humerus 
(D) Femur 
Answer: C

05. Outermost covering of brain is ____ 
(A) Choroid 
(B) Arachnoid 
(C) Duramater 
(D) All of these 
Answer: C

06. The application of genetic principles for the improvement of mankind is _____ 
(A) Genetic engineering 
(B) Biotechnology 
(C) Eugenics 
(D) Anthropology 
Answer: C

07. ‘Metachrosis’ is found in _____ 
(A) Mammals 
(B) Amphibians 
(C) Birds 
(D) All of these 
Answer: B

08. Healthy parents with normal height gave birth to an achondroplasia (dwarf) child. This is due to ____
(A) Spontaneous mutation 
(B) Point mutation 
(C) Induced mutation
(D) None of these
Answer: A

09. Chemical nature of insulin is ____ 
(A) Steroid 
(B) Lipid 
(C) Protein 
(D) Carbohydrate 
Answer: C

10. Which of these is present in the human buccal cavity ? 
(A) Ptyalin 
(B) Trypsin 
(C) Lipase 
(D) Pepsin 
Answer: A

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