TNPSC - Group 4 Model Questions for General Studies - Science

1. Hypocalcemia is caused due to under secretion of _____
(A) Thyroxine 
(B) Parathormone 
(C) Testosterone 
(D) Glucagon 
Answer: B

2. The emergency hormone in humans is ____
(A) Thyroxine 
(B) Adrenaline 
(C) Insulin 
(D) Progesterone 
Answer: B

3. Polio immunising vaccine was developed by ____ 
(A) E. Jenner 
(B) Dr. Salk 
(C) St. Hale 
(D) Landsteiner 
Answer: B

4. Shivering in severe cold is caused by ____ 
(A) Voluntary action of striated muscles 
(B) Voluntary action of unstriated muscles 
(C) Involuntary action of striated muscles 
(D) Involuntary action of unstriated muscles 
Answer: C

5. In mammals which, organ acts as blood bank ? 
(A) Heart 
(B) Lung 
(C) Liver 
(D) Spleen 
Answer: D

6. Which of the following organ develops first ? 
(A) Liver 
(B) Heart 
(C) Notochord 
(D) Kidneys 
Answer: C

7. The infective stage of malarial parasite is ____
(A) Metacryptozoite 
(B) Cryptozoite 
(C) Schizont 
(D) Sporozoite 
Answer: D

8. The ion mainly absorbed in the distal convoluted part of nephron _____
(A) Na+ 
(B) K+ 
(C) Mg++ 
(D) Po4– – 
Answer: A

9. Quadriceps and Gastronemius muscles are present in _____ 
(A) Wrist 
(B) Hands 
(C) Legs 
(D) Shoulder 
Answer: C

10. FSH and LH hormones together are called ____
(A) Emergency hormone 
(B) Gonadotropic hormone 
(C) Neurohormones 
(D) Outstress hormones 
Answer: B

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