TNPSC Group 4 / Group 2 / VAO Exam General English Original Questions - 6

51. Amrita Devi's act of sacrifice paved way for
(A) Women empowerment
(B) Environmental awareness
(C) Chipko movement
(D) Prevention against sati 
Answer: C

52. Match the words/phrases under Column A with their meanings under Column B and select the correct code from the options given :
         Column A              Column B
(a) on account of            1. to get used to
(b) in the midst of          2. to tolerate
(c) to be accustomed to  3. in the middle of
(d) to bear with              4. owing to
      (a)  (b)  (c)  (d)
(A)  4   3     1    2
(B) 3  4   1   2
(C) 4  3   2   1
(D) 4  2   1   3
Answer: A

53. Find out the synonym of the underlined word from the options below :
You have first of all to lay by a stock of knowledge that will suffice you not sincerely for your examinations but will be helpful to you in later life.
(A) be adequate
(B) be inadequate
(C) be insufficient
(D) be helpful
Answer: A

54. "And then he screamed fiendishly"
Look for the appropriate synonym for the underlined word from the options given below:
(A) falsely
(B) loudly
(A) wickedly
(D) foolishly
Answer: C

55. Choose the correct antonym for the underlined word from the options given : The girls had a queer feeling that they were being watched.
(A) curious 
(B) ordinary
(C) abnormal 
(D) dubious 
Answer: B

56. Choose the correct tense form of the verb from the options given below :
The bees______little silas and he cried bitterly.
(A) stings
(B) stinged
(C) stang
(d) stung
Answer: D

57. Identify the right pair of sentences in active and passive form
(A) We saw you and him, You and he were seen by us
(B) He keeps me waiting - I am kept waited
(C) We expect good news Good news is expecting
(D) We prohibit smoking Smoking has been prohibited
Answer: A

58. Identify the sentence which is not in"the same voice as the others
(A) Without effort, nothing can be gained
(B) My watch was lost
(C) All desire wealth and some acquire it
(D) He was refused admittance
Answer: C

59. Fill in the blank with the suitable option given below: I declined ________ anything further.
(A) say
(B) from saying
(C) saying
(D) to say
Answer: D

60. Fill in the blanks with the most suitable word from the options.
They have got a _______ at Taj Residency.
(A) suit 
(B) suite
(C) sweet 
(D) sweat 
Answer: B

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