TNPSC Group 4 General Studies Previous Questions and Answers Part - 3

1. Arrange the following periods in a chronological order
I Neolithic period
II. Mesolithic period
III. Chalcolithic period
IV. Palacolithic period
Answer: IV, II, I & III

2. Consider the following statements
I. The Atommc energy commistion was set up uder the Chairmanship of Homi J.Bhaba to formulate a policy for all atomic energy activities in the country
II. In 1956 India's first nuclear reactor in Trombay near Bombay began to function.
Which of the statements is /are correct?
a. I only
b. II only
c. Both I & II
d. Neither I nor II
Answer: c

3. Match List I with List II correctly

          List I          List II
a. Justice Party      1. E.V.Ramasamy Periyar
b. Devadasi System    2. Dr.S.Dharmambal
c. Vaikam Hero        3. Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy
d. Veera Tamilannai   4. Thiyagaraja Chetty
Answer: a-4, b-3, c-1, d-2

4. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?
a. Bhonsle  - Nagpur
b. Holkar   - Indore
c. Peshwa   - Delhi
d. Scindia  - Gwalior
Answer: c

5. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?
a. Swaraj  Party  -  C.R.Das
b. Forward Bloc   -  Subash Chandra Bose
c. Muslim League  -  Nawab Salmullah Khan
d. Justice Party  -  E.V.R Periyar
Answer: d

6. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?
a. New army regulation    -    Vellore Mutiny
b. Sir John Cradock       -    Commander-in-Chief
c. Lord William Bentink   -    Governor of Madras
d. 4th Regiment rose in revolt against - Colonel Forbes
Answer: d

7. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
a. Delhi Durbar       -   S. N.Bannerjee
b. Abhinava Bharat    -   Savarkar Brothers
c. Indian Association -   Dadabhai Naoraji
d. Servant of Indian Socity - W.C. Bannerjee
Answer: b

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