TNPSC - Group 4 General Studies Important Questions with Answers - 14

1. Pencillin is prepared from
a. Algae
b. Fungi
c. Bacteria
d. Virus
Answer: b

2. Haneybee culture is called
a. Sericulture
b. Apiculture
c. Vermiculture
d. Pomoculture
Answer: b

3. Which acide is used in storage battery?
a. Sulphuric Acid
b. Hydrochloric Acid
c. Nitric Acid
d. Acetic Acid
Answer: a

4. Wahing machine is working on ____ law.
a. Reverse osmosis
b. Centrifugation
c. Viscocity
d. Centripetal Force
Answer: b

5. Which disease is caused by the dificiency of Vitamin B1?
a. Rickets
b. Beriberi
c. Pellagra
d. Myopia
Answer: b

6. The duration of which one of the folowing crops in longest?
a. Sugar Cane
b. Paddy
c. Cotton
d. Jawar
Answer: a

7. In 2007 _____ is elected as the first woman President of India?
a, Najma Heptulla
b. Pratibha Patil
c. Prathibha Bharathi
d. Sonia Gandhi
Answer: b

8. The author of Ramacharitamanas is____
a. Kalidas
b. kabir
c. Bhoja Raju
d. Tulsidas
Answer: d

9. The Second biggest continent in the world,  in area is____
a. Asia
b. Antarctica
c. Europe
d. Africa
Answer: d

10. Which continent is desertless continent in the world?
a. Africa
b. Europe
c. Autralia
d. Asia
Answer: b

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