TNPSC - General English (SSLC Standard) Original Questions - 02

11. 'Goodwill', 'software' and 'gentleman' are examples of compound words formed by joining ______ and _______
(A) noun and noun
(B) adjective and noun
(C) verb and adverb
(D) adverb and noun
Answer: B

12. Identify the figure of speech in "And flickered his tongue like a forked night on the air, so black".
(A) simile 
(B) metaphor
(C) alliteration 
(D) oxymoron
Answer: A

13. 'Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds' -
What is the figure of speech presented in these lines?
(A) Personification
(B) Alliteration
(C) Simile
(D) Oxymoron
Answer: B

14. Which among the following poems contains a strong anti-war message?
(A) The Apology
(B) The Man He Killed
(C) Manliness
(D) The Cry of the Children
Answer: B

15. "And, underneath our heavy eyelids drooping, / The The reddest !lower would look as pale as snow". The figure of speech used here is
(A) simile
(B) metaphor
(C) personification
(D) Allusion
Answer: A

16. "I try my best to be A mother like the mom you were to me". Find out the option that best explains the meaning of these lines.
(A) The speaker does not want to be a mother like her own mother
(B) The speaker compares her mother to her concept of an ideal mother
(C) The speaker wants to be a mother for her child like any other mother
(D) The speaker always tries hard to emulate her mother and considers her as her role
Answer: D

17. In the poem "O Captain! My Captain!", What does Whitman mean by the line, "the prize we sought is won"?
(A) lf The North and South America got integrated
(B) The prosperity of USA had been secured
(C) The military sovereignty had been assured
(D) The safety and security of USA had been ensured 
Answer: A

18. What does the poet wish for his country in the following lines? "Where the world has not been broken up into fragments/By narrow domestic walls"
(A) fearlessness and dignity
(B) freedom from domestic violence
(C) equality and harmony
(D) parochial attitude
Answer: C

19. If you can't be a muskie. then just be a bass. What does the underlined word from the poem "Be the Best" refer to?
(A) A type of rose
(B) A type of lilly
(C) A type oflotus
(D) A type of animal
Answer: A

20. Who among the following is an anti-apartheid revolutionary?
(A) Abraham Lincoln
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
yr Nelson Mandela
(D) Helen Keller 
Answer: B

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