TNPSC - General English (SSLC Standard) Original Questions - 01

1.Match the prefixes under Column - A with the words under Column - B and choose the
correct code :
     Column A .          Column B
(a) post                1. appearance
(b) ir                    2. alignment
(c) dis                  3. independence
(d) non                4. reparable
       (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A)   1   3   4   2
(B)   2   4   3   1
(C)   3   4   1   2
(D)   4   3   2   1 
Answer: C

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.He is -----teacher by profession. He loves -----teaching.
(A) a, an 
(B) a, no article
(C) a,the 
(D) the, a

3.Identify the phrase with the correct usage of articles.
(A) a university 
(B) an union
(C) an European 
(D) a hour  
Answer: a

4. Fill out the blank with the appropriate preposition given below : I am listening to music-----the radio.
(A) of
(B) in 
(C) from
(D) on 

5. Complete the sentence with a suitable tag. Nobody saw us, -----?
(A) do they?
(B) didn't they?
(C) did they?
(D) doesn't he? 
Answer: C

Which one of the following sentences is incorrect?
(A) Bread and butter is my breakfast
(B) Either of the two boys has done this
(C) The quality of the apples were good
(D) Neither Raj nor his friends have come
Answer: C

7. Choose the correct option for the following passage :
The road to success is not a bed of roses. It is full of thorns, pitfalls and gins. Only those who made through the hazards and hurdles with grit and determination could smell success. That is how Gandhi became a leader par excellence. Gandhi became a great leader through.
(A) hard work and sincerity 
(B) goodness and luck
(C) humility and patience 
(D) love and leadership qualities 
Answer: A

8. Read the following passage and select the incorrect statement from the given options : There is a big cultural gulf between city colleges and suburban colleges. If some of the formerare now given a degree of autonomy, it will only heighten this disparity.
(A) The gulf between city colleges and suburban colleges can be bridged by giving autonomy to some city colleges
(B) Giving autonomy to some city colleges will heighten the disparity between city and urban colleges
(C) There is a cultural divide between rural and urban colleges
(D) Giving a degree of autonomy to some city colleges is not a proper solution to bridging the disparity between city colleges and suburban colleges 
Answer: A

9. Pick out the sentence that is grammatically incorrect.
(A) I have not seen him since four years
(B) Never enter my house again
(C) Character is preferable to intelligence
(D) He goes to school in time 
Answer: A

10. Which among the following is not a word formed by blending?
(A) biopic 
(B) motel
(C) notebook 
(D) guesstimate 
Answer: D

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