TNPSC - Most Important Confusing Questions with Answers

1. When was observed World postal day?
Answer: October 9

2. When was observed  Indian postal day?
Answer: October 10

3. Where is the Headquarters of IOC (International Olympic Committee)?
Answer: Switzerland (Lausanne)

4. Where is the Headquarters of ICC (International Cricket Council)?
Answer: Dubai

5. Where is the Headquarters of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) ?
Answer: Switzerland (Zurich)

6. Most number of News paper published in which state?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

7. State which publishing newspapers  in most languages in India?
Answer: Odisha

8. Which is the Indian state that do not publishes news paper ?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

9. Where is Gate way of India?
Answer: Mumbai

10. Where is India Gate?
Answer: New Delhi

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