TNPSC Group 4 Model Questions with Answers - 08

1. Which one of the following terms has not been used by Veblen in his theory of social change? 
(A) Instinct of workmanship 
(B) Technological techniques 
(C) Mode of Production 
(D) Habit and thought 
Answer: D

2. Who wrote the book 'The Science of Culture' ? 
(A) Malinowski 
(B) Tylor 
(C) L.A. White 
(D) P.A. Sorokin 
Answer: C

3. Who said, "Class is synonymous with caste or tribe so far as Hindus are concerned" ? 
(A) L.G. Havanur 
(B) Andre Beteille 
(C) Dandekar 
(D) Ghurye 
Answer: A

4. Who gave the concept of 'Sacred Society' ? 
(A) K. Marx 
(B) H. Spencer 
(C) E. Durkheim 
(D) R.E. Park 
Answer: C

5. Which of the following does not fall under the category of community disorganisation ? 
(A) Divorce 
(B) Poverty 
(C) Unemployment 
(D) Corruption 
Answer: D

6. Who wrote the book 'Planned Economy for India' ? 
(A) Mahalanobis 
(B) V.K.R.V. Rao 
(C) M. Visvesarayya 
(D) G.L. Nanda 
Answer: C

7. Who defined tribe as a 'group of people with common culture' ? 
(A) Malinowski 
(B) Koreber 
(C) R. Brown 
(D) Benedict 
Answer: A

8. When the Planning Commission was formed in India? 
(A) 1951 A.D. 
(B) 1937 A.D. 
(C) 1934 A.D. 
(D) 1950 A.D. 
Answer: D

9. How many castes were included in the list of OBC by the Mandal Commission? 
(A) 3437 
(B) 3545 
(C) 2823 
(D) 3235 
Answer: B

10. Which is generally the basis of political organization in simple societies? 
(A) Religion 
(B) Kinship 
(C) Mores 
(D) Folkways 

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