TNPSC - Synonyms - Important Questions and Answers

1. Gayathri with all her INQUISITIVENESS entered the village school.
a. interest
b. nosiness
c. officiousness
d. curiosity

Answer: d. curiosity

2. Many of the rarest of species have become EXTINCT.
a. obsolete
b. otmoded
c. antiquated
d. non-existent

Answer: d. non-existent

3. Even your own scientists CONCUR with my views
a. mngle
b. unite
c. agree
d. mix

Answer: c. agree

4. Develop a PASSION for your goal
a. fervor
b. depth
c. enthusiasm
d. intensity

Answer: c. enthusiasm

5. some animals are on the VERGE
a. border
b. brim
c. limit
d. brink

Answer: d. brink

6. The young lion gave a FEROCIOUS roar
a. fierce 
b. confused
c. feeble
d. weak

Answer: fierce 

7. Hughie could not help PITYING her
a. pardoninig
b. forgiving
c. sympathizing
d. consoling

Answer: c. sympathizing

8. This is going to FASCINATE you
a. repel
b. obsess
c. delight
d. allure

Answer: c. delight

9. His picter were EAGERLY soght after
a. cordially
b. readily
c. intently
d. earnestly

Answer: d. earnestly

10. In fact i CONTEMPLATED briefly whether i would ever want to play the piano again
a. aimed
b. viewed
c. reflected
d. medicated

Answer: c. reflected

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