TNPSC - Science {10th Standard } - HEREDITY AND EVOLUTION

1.    After fertilization the zygote develops into a hollow blastula by    ________.                                          a.  Fission
       b.  Cell division
       c.  Fragmentation
       Answer:  Cell division

2.   Who formulated that evolution took place due to natural                   
       a. Charles Darwin
       b. Dr. Ian Wilmut
       c. Gregor Johann Mendel
       Answer:  Charles Darwin

3.   The Contrasting pair of alleles makes up an ________.
      a. Allelomorph
      b. Variation
      Answer:  allelomorph

4.   The modification of the genetic information of information of   living  organisms by manipulation of DNA is ________.
       a. Genetic engineering
       b. Bio technology                                                                                                                               
       Answer:  Genetic engineering

5.   Diabetes is treated with ________ injection.
      a. Steroids 
      b. Insulin 
      c. interferon
      Answer:  Insulin

6.  The genotype of a character is influenced by _______.
      a. DNA
      b. Proteins
      c. Genes
      Answer:  Genes

7.   ________ is the source of raw material for evolution. 
      a. Variation
      b. Gene
      Answer:  Variation 

8.   The term vaccine was coined by ________. 
      a. Edward Thomas
      b. Lamarck
      c. Edward Jenner
      Answer:  Edward Jenner

9.   ________ are substances that confer immunity against specific   disease.
      a. Vaccines
      b. steroids
      c. antigen
       Answer:  Vaccines

10.  ________ do not furnish energy but are very essential for energy transformation and regulation of metabolism.
      a. Proteins
      b. Vitamins
      c. Stem cells
      Answer:  Vitamins

11.  ________ are called the first human like being.
       a. Homo habilis 
       b. Homo erectus 
       c. Homo sapiens
       Answer:  Homo habilis

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