TNPSC - General Studies Previous Questions And Answers

1. Liquid helium can reduce the temperature of the coil in MRI equipment to around
a. 40 K 
b. 4 K
c. 273 K 
d. 0°C 

Answer: b. 4 K

2. Which is the world's largest desert?
a. Arabian
b. Great Victoria
c. sahara
d. Thar 

Answer: c. sahara

3. Which of the following excretory products are sent out as urine by kidneys in humanbeing?
a. Excess water and salt
b. Carbon dioxide and water vapour
c. Urea, uric acid, creatinine
d. Oxygen and excess carbon dioxide

Answer: c. Urea, uric acid, creatinine

4. Identify the wrong pair :
           Traveller          Country
a. Than Battuda    -     Moraco
b. Domingo Paes   -     Portugal
c. Abdul Razak      -     Persia
d. Nichalo di kondi -     Portugal 

Answer: d. Nichalo di kondi - Portugal 

5. Green Revolution increases the food grains production in
a. Rice and wheat
b. Wheat and oil seeds
c. Rice and oil seeds
d. Rice and sugarcane

Answer: a. Rice and wheat

6. Which article of the constitution grants rights to minorities to establish educational institutions? 
a. 40 
b. 30 
c. 50
d. 60

Answer: b. 30 

7. The President of India is elected indirectly by an electoral college. Which of the following members are not included in electoral college?
a. Elected members of Lok Sabha
b. Elected members of Rajya Sabha
c. Elected members of Assemblies in Union Territories
d. Elected members of State Assemblies 

Answer: c. Elected members of Assemblies in Union Territories

8.The election of the judges by the legislature is seen in the country of
a. England 
b. Switzerland
c. France 
d. USA 

Answer: b. Switzerland

9.Who was the Indian President in between 1967 -69?
a. Mr.V.V. Giri
b. Dr.Zakhir Hussain
c. Dr.S. Radhakrishnan
d. Dr.Rajendra Prasad 

Answer: b. Dr.Zakhir Hussain

10.Which is the official language of Indian Government?
a. English
b. Hindi 
c. English and Hindi 
d. All Languages 

Answer: b. Hindi 

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