TNPSC - Current Affairs in English Medium - 17.06.2016

India Tax Payers Notes
  • Total Number of Households in the Country - 25 Crore
  • Number of Agricultural Household (Exept from Income tax) - 15 Crore
  • Balance umber of Households (Liable to pay Income Tax) - 10 Crore
  • India's current Taxpayer base - 5.43 Crore
Tax payers of other Countries

Country     Percentage of Tax Payers       Total Population (Year)

USA                   55                         319 MN (2014)
England            46.3                       064 MN (2013)
Brazil                6.1                        200 MN (2013)
India                 4.1                        1.25 BN (2013)

5 Women die every hour during Childbirth in India - WHO Report
  • 17% of the world's death during childbirth occur in India killing around 45000 women.
  • What Reason: WHO Identifies the major cause of Maternal death Post Partum Haemorhage defined as the loss of more than 500-1000 ml of blood withing the first 24 hours following childbirth
  • Mental Mortality in India - 174/100000
  • Yearly birth cohort in India - 26 Million
Co-scholastic Activities in Elementary Schools - Vidyanjali- Smriti Irani
The Government wants Co-scholastic Activities conducted by teachers, ex-servicemen and even home makers to hold public speaking, story telling, Plan Acting session in schools. In this scheme is called Vidyanjali. Launched by Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani.

USA Senate for widening Military Ties with India - National Defence Authorisation Act 2017
  • The US senate has approved a move to enhance military cooperation with India for Developing threat analysis, Military Doctrine, Force Planning Logistical Support and Intelligence collection and analysis. The amendment titles ' to authorise military-to-military exchange with India" was agreed in the Senate by a Voice Vote as part of the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA)-2017
Sahitya Akedemi's Award Announced
  • Tamil Author Lakshmi Saravanakumar has been awarded the Yuva Puraskar for his novel kaanakam.
Bal Sahitya Puraskar Award - 2016
  • Kuzakathiresan - Tamil
  • N.P.Hafiz Mohamad - Malayalam
  • Sumatheendra Nadig - Kannada
  • Droan Viar Kohli - Hindi
The Agricultural Household 70th Round Survey of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)
  • National Sample Survey Office Conducted survey during July 2012- June 2013 has found that the total income of an agricultural household per month was Rs.6,426/-.

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