TNPSC - General Studies - Important Questions and Answers

1. Who is the· Chairman of Thirteenth Finance Commission?
a. Dr. Vijay Kelkar
b. KC. Neogi
c. K. Santhanam
d. J.M. Shela

2. Who was the President of the National Conference founded in 1883?
a. Anand Mohan Bose
b. A.O. Hume
c. Pherozeshah Mehta
d. Dadabhai Naorojit

3. The Newspaper New India was published by
a. V.V.S. Aiyar
b. Annie Besant
c. Subramanya Bharathi
d. Thiru.Vi.Ka.

4. Which of the following is correctly matched?
a. VanchiAiyar - Madras Mahajana Sabha
b. Annie Besant - Madras Native Association
c. Chidambaram Pillai  - Bharatha Matha Association
d. Subramanya Siva- South India Liberal Federation

5. What does the Tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution deal with?
a. Names of States and Union Territories
b. Disqualification on ground of defection
c. Panchayats
d. Nagarpalikas

6. Article 351 of Indian Constitution provides guidelines for the. development of
a. Hindi Language
b. North East Regions
c. Hill Areas
d. Coastal Regions

7. Swaran Singh .Committee (1976) suggested the inclusion of a separate chapter. on
_______in the Indian Constitution.
a. Fundamental rights
b. Fundamental duties
c. Directive principles of state policy
d. Constitutional writs

8. New Economic Policy (NEP) was introduced in India in the year
a. 1990
b. 1991
c. 1992
d. 1993

9. Actual Rate of increasing national income during X th plan period was '
a. 7.6%
b. 7.1%
c. 7.3%
d. 7.5%

10. Towns below 50,000 population will be covered under
c. NHM
d. All of the above 

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