TNPSC - General Knowledge Important Questions and Answers

1. Rashtriya Krishi.Vikas Yojana was launched to enhance investment in agriculture during which Five Year Plan
a. Ninth Five Year Plan
b. Eleventh Five Year Plan
c. Tenth Five Year Plan
d. Twelfth Five Year Plan
Answer : Eleventh Five Year Plan

2. After textile, the second largest industry of India is
a. Sugar
b. Jute
c. Cement
d. None of these
Answer : Sugar

3. Maximum length of border of which of the following states is adjacent to that of other States ?
a. Bihar
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Uttar Pradesh

4. Which one of the following Indian states is the largest producer of natural rubber?
a.  Tamilnadu
b.  Kerala
c.  Assam
d.  Andhra Pradesh
Answer : Kerala

5. Which of the planets is nearest to the earth?
a. Jupiter
b. Venus
c.  Mercury
d. Mars
Answer : Venus

6. The second largest river basin in india is of the river
a. Brahmaputra
b. Narmada
c. Krishna
d. Godavari
Answer :Godavari

7. The country having the largest area under tea cultivation is
a. Brazil
b. Russia
c. Bangladesh
d. India
Answer : India

8. Which planet is known as the Earth’s twin?
a.  Venus
b.  Mars
c.  Uranus
d.  Neptune
Answer : Venus

9. There is rainfall in winter in Tamil Nadu due to the following reasons
a. South-West Monsoon
b. North-East Monsoon
c. Tropical cost Current
d. None of these
Answer : North-East Monsoon

10. Diesel locomotives are manufactured at
a. Kapurthala
b. Perambur
c. Varanasi
d. Jamshedpur
Answer : Varanasi

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