{ Answer Key } TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam ( 2015 )

Answer Key TNPSC Group - 1 Preliminary Exam
Date of Exam: 08.11.2015

TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam Conducted  today on 11.08.2015. I wish to all aspirants of this TNPSC Group -I Exam. Here candidates can see the answer key for TNPSC GROUP I examination and aspirants can check answer keys for their question paper. Anyway congrats to All.

Name of the Exam: TNPSC Group - I   - General Knowledge

Total Number of Questions: 200

Question Type: GS0811

1. Match the following
a. Krebs Cylce - Occurse in cytplasm
b. Ubiquinone - Diffuse from cytoplasm to mitochondria
c. Glycolysis - Mobile carrier
d. Acytyl-CoA - Occurse in mitochondrial matrix

Answer: A

2. The Purines present in nucleic acids are:

Answer: B

3. Find out the correct matches:

I. Encymes - Biological catalysts
II. DNA - Nucleic Acid
III Insulin - Hormone
IV. Vitamin E - Water Soluble Vitamine

Answer: C. I, II and IV

4. The number of generalized co-ordinates required to describe the position of a simple pendulum is

Answer: A. One

5.  If g is the ....

Answer: Update Soon

6. The relation connecting Young's modules...

Answer: Update Soon

7. The S.I unit of gravitational constant G is

Answer: D

8. Choose the correct answer:

The Irai-Itai disease of Japan was caused due to

Answer: C. Cadmium Pollution

9.Match the following

a. Sericulture
b. Horticulture
c. Aquaculture
d. Apiculture
Answer: A. (3,4, 1, 2)

10. Expand FAT
Answer: B. File Allocation Type

11. Which of the following is used to store large amount of Data?

Answer: D. Random Access Memor

12. Give the value of Terabyte

Answer: D. 

13. ' Bluetooth' technology is

Answer: C. Wireless Communication between devices

14. The plant type which colours the ocean surface water red is?

Answer: C. Green Algae

15. Math List I with List II and Select the correct Answer:
List i (Climate)                                     List II (Reason)
a. Chennai is warmer than Kolkata - distance from sea
Answer: D (4,2,1,3)

16. Which of the following is not a planetary wind?

Answer: D. Monsoon 

17. The Place of India which does not have tropical evergreen forest is

Answer: D. Eastern part of Subtropical Himalayas 

18. Consider the following statements and choose the correct answer from the given options.

1. Shompence is tribal inhabitant of Nicobar Island
2. As per 2011 census, their population is 229
Answer: C. (I and II are True) 

19. Choose the correct sequence of the following using the codes given below?

I. Qutbudding Aibak,  Iltutmish, Raziya, Balban
II. Jahangir, Humayun, Akbar, Shahjahan
III. Balaji Viswanath, Balaji Baji Roa, Baji Roa, Shivaji 
Answer: C. I only 

20. Which of the following were among the main exports of Indus valley people. Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
Answer: B ( II and III)

21.Math List I with List II and Select the correct Answer:

                       List i                               List II 
a. Santhal's Rebellion  - 1923
Answer: C (4,3,1,2)

22. Math List I with List II correct  and Select Answer:

Answer: C (3,4,1,2) 

23. Math List I with List II of the following with suitable options:

          List I                             List II
a. Kural                           Rishabham  
b. Thutham                     Shadjam
Answer: Update soon

24. Math List I with List II of the following with suitable options: 

Answer: B. (3,4,1,2) 

25. Which of the following is / are not Correct?
Minto-Morley reforms of  1909 introduced the following. 
Answer: A. I only

26. Who bestowed the title Sardar on Vallabai Petel? 

Answer: C. Mahatma Gandhi 

27. During 1857 revolt which army remained loyal to the British?
Answer: B. Bengal Army 

28. Pick out the wrong statement?

Answer: D. Sindju and Kanhu were the leaders of the Kols 

29. Match the following
a. Simon Commission - 1928
b. Nehru Report - 1932
c. Second Round table conference - 1927
d. Communal Award - 1931
Answer: C. (3, 1,4,2 )

30. Identity the statement, which is not the cause for the failure of Quit India Movement.
Answer: update soon

31. Among the 50 students in a class, What percentage of students like biology and Chemistry?
Answer: B. 46 %

32. For any n observations of data, what is the values of... 

Answer:  update soon 

33. Questions
Answer:  update soon

34. If x/y=3/5, then 5x+2y/5x-2y is equal to
Answer: B. 5

35. A person's present age is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years, he will be one half of the age of his mother. How old is the mother at present?
Answer: D. 45 

36. Questions
Answer:  update soon

37. A bicycle market at Rs.1500 is sold for Rs.1350. What is the percentage of discount?
Answer: D. 10

38. Which one of the following is the smallest ratio?
Answer:  A. 7:13

39. In a mixture of 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water is  2:1. If this ratio is to be 1:2 then what is the quantity of water to be further added?
Answer:   update soon

40. Question
Answer:  update soon

41. Sum of square of three positive numbers is 608 and they are in the ratio 2:3:5. then find the numbers.
Answer: B. 8:12:20

42. If 30% of A=0.25 of B=1/5 of C, then find the ratio A:B:C
Answer: C. 10:12:15

43. What is the third proportional to 0.34 and 0.50?
Answer: C. 0.76

44. In a cylinder, if radius is doubled and height is halved then what happens to the curved surface area?
Answer: C. Does not Change 

45. The length of side of a rhombus is 5 m and one of its diagonal is 8 m. Then  
Answer: D.  8 m

46. A, B and C can complete a piece of work in 24, 6 and 12 days respectively. If they work together, in how many days they will complete the same work?
Answer: D. 24/11 days

47. 12 men complete the 2400 sq.m ploughing work in 10 days. how many men are required to complete 3600 sq.m ploughing work in 18 days?
Answer: A. 10 men

48. Question
Answer: Update Soon

49. Question
Answer: Update Soon

50. Question
Answer: Update Soon

51. Question
Answer: Update Soon

52. Question
Answer: Update Soon

53. Find the next number in the following series
Answer: C. 19

54. Consider the following Statements: 
Assertion (A): Scholars distinguished a culture midway between Palaeolithic and Neolithic called Mesolithic
Reason (R): The chief characteristics mesolithic were the stone implements used were extremely small and made up of Chalcedony and silicate instead of quartzite.
Answer: B. Both A and R are true but R is not the explanation for A

55. Match the Following:
a. Na and K   - i. obtained by electrolysis of fused salt
b. Cu and Ag - Occur only in native state
Answer: D.

56.Which of the following is /are wrong?
I. Mg2C3 on hydrolysis gives acetylene
II. Be2C on hydrolysis gives methene
III. A14 C3 on hydrolysis gives allylene
Answer: C. I and III (Doubt) 

57. For the Daniel cell E=1.10 V. The value of equilibrium constant (K) for the reaction (at 298 K) is

Answer: B

58. Agricultural unemployment may be classified into

Answer: D (I. II and III)
(Nine important types of Unemployment found in Modern Societies are : 1.Voluntary unemployment, 2. Frictional unemployment, 3. Casual unemployment, 4. Seasonal unemployment, 5. Structural unemployment, 6. Technological unemployment, 7. Cyclical unemployment, 8. Chronic unemployment, 9. Disguised unemployment.)

59. Fill up the blanks:
National population policy adopted in 2000 with a view to encourage ______ and aim at stabilizing the population by _______.
Answer: A (Two Child norm, 2020)

60. Match the following and select the correct answer
a. Tax revenue - 1 Provident funds
b. Capital Receipts - 2. Taxes on income and expenditure
c. Non-plan expenditure - 3. Sales Tax
d. Value added Tax - 4. Interest payments
Answer: C (2,1,4,3)

61. The National Statistical Commission of India was headed by?
Answer: B (C.Rengarajan)

62. The Structure of Indian Financial System does not include
Answer: D (Deficit Finance)

63. The MGNREGS differs from other poverty alleviation measures in the following respects.
Answer: Update Soon

64. Justice D.P Wadhwa committee was appointed by the Supreme Court to examine. 
Answer: D. Public Distribution System

65. The Nutrient Based Subsidy (NSB) policy for fertilizers was implemented in India in.
Answer: D. 2010

66. Which Indian city has been declared as the cleanest city in the 'Swachh Bharat' ranking 2015.
Answer: D. Mysuru

67. Who is the chairman of the 20th Law commission of India?
Answer: A. Justice. Ajit Prakash Shah

68. Recently Union Government has decided to develop a city as spiritual capital of the county. Which among the following is the city?
Answer: D. Bodhgaya

69. India largest telecom operator is
Answer: B. Bharati Airtel

70. Which Corporation in Tamil Nadu was awarded the best corporation award for the year 2015?
Answer: C. (Madurai)

71. Every year 13th August is observed as
Answer: D. Organ Donation Day

72. International Day of the Disappeared observed by United Nations Organisation every year falls on.
Answer: C (August 30)

73. The President of Sri Lanka as on June 2015.
Answer: Maithripala Sirisena

74. Sunhak Peace Prize was won by
Answer: C. Dr.Modadugu Vijay Gupta

75. Which gas has been recently discovered in planet mars?
Answer: Methane

76. Which Indian Temple was awarded ' Award of Excellence' for conservation by UNESCO in the year 2015, in Bangkok?
Answer: B. Vadakkunnathan Temple, Thrissur

77. Which country devalued its own currency in August 2015?
Answer: D. China

78. The 50th Anniversary of 1965 Indo-Pak war was observed on
Answer: D. 28th August 2015

79. Match the Android OS versions with their names:
a. Android 6.0
b. Android 5.0
c. Android 4.4
d. Android 4.3
Answer: C (4,2,1,3)

80.Government of Tamil Nadu awards Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam award for a Tamilian for his/her contribution to
Answer: B. Scientific, art and literature development, humanities and student welfare

81. Identity from the Options the name of the Central Government portal for students looking for Educational loans.
Answer: A. Vidya Lakshmi

82. Which of the following day is observed as the National Statistics Day?
Answer: B. 29th June

83. Pay Zapp a mobile application to make digital payments was started by which bank?
Answer: C. HDFC

84. In the Australian Federal elections 2015 for the Prime Minister of Australia, Who emerged as winner?
Answer: C. Malcom Turnbull

85. 2020 Olympic games will be held at
Answer:D. Tokyo

86. Nobel Prize 2015 in Physics was given discovery ofAnswer: D. Neutrino Oscillation

87. In October 2015 Russia's Surgery Karakin won the World cup for?Answer: B. Chess
88. The Administrative Reforms Commission of India was set up on 5 Jan. 1966 Under the Chairmanship of
Answer: D. Morarji R.Desai

89. " The Supreme Court in the Indian Union has more powers than any other Supreme Court in any part of the World" - Who said so?
Answer: Update Soon

90. Consider the following two statements consisting of Assertion (A) and Reason (R) and select your answer using the codes given below
Assertion (A): The Administrative reforms commission recommended Lokpal and Loakayutta
Reason (R) : These are for the Redressal of Citizens grievances.
Answer: A.  Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A
91. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

Answer: D. Article 155-Removal of Governor

92. Which of the following statement is / are true with regard to formulation of the Government?
Answer: D. Representation of peoples act provides for inviting the longest party to form the government

93. Match List-I with List-II
a. The Banking Companies Ordnance - 1.1966
Answer: C. (2,4,1,3) - Doubt

94.The production of Civil Rights Act came into force on
Answer: B. 19th November 1976

95. Who one of the following persons is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rules Committee, General Purpose Committee and Business Advisory Committee?Answer: A. The Speaker

96. Match the following-Establishment of states and choose the correct one:
Answer: A. (3,4,2,1)

97. Which of the following are major features of the constitutions of Lokpal and Lokayukta as recommended by the Administrative Reforms Commisstion?
Answer: Update Soon

98. Identify the numbered substances in steps of Glycolysis
Glucose-(1)-(2)-Fructose 1, 6 bisphosphate
Answer: C. (1) is Glucose-6-phosphate (2) is Fructose-6-phosphate

99. Consider the following pairs:
Answer: C (I and IV)

100. Which of the following statements about 'Glycolysis' is / are True?
Answer: Update Soon

101.Arrange the following common units of classification in ascending order:
Answer: D (IV,III,V,I,II)

102. If the time taken by a cup of tea to cool from 85 Degree C to 75 Degree C is 1 minute, then the time taken by it to cool from 65 Degree C to 55 Degree C is.
Answer: C. more than 1 minute

103. The rest mass of a photon is
Answer: zero

104.Which of the following sets have different dimensions?
Answer: Update soon

105. New elements and rare - earths are discovered and fixed in the periodic table using
Answer: Mosley's law

106. Where is the head quarters of the Forest Survey of India (FSI) located?
Answer: Dehradun

107. Which among these sanctuaries is not present in Tamil Nadu?
Answer: D. Periyar

108. If a Colour blind woman marries a normal visioned man, they will produce
Answer: A. Normal Visioned sons and daughters

109. Cretinism, myxoedema and goitre are related to the disorders of the
Answer: Thyroid gland

110. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

Answer:  C. Filariasis

111. The list of coded instruction in computer is called
Answer: A. Program

112. Choose the correct match:
Answer: C 

113. The major temperature fluctuations in surface waters of the tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean is called as.
Answer: C. Thermocline

114.The portion of incident radiation reflected back to space from the planet is called.
Answer: B. Albedo

115. A major diamond mining centre in Belgium in
Answer: D. Antwerp

116. Bank the given soils of India  in descending order in terms of their area/extent.

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Q 39

milk & water in the ratio in 60 l mixture is 2:1

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we have to add 60 l water to get 1:2 ratio (milk:water)

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