TNPSC - 9th Standard Science - Important Questions and Answers

1. Who was father of Zoology
Answer: Aristotle

2. Organisms are divided into smaller groups called____
Answer: Taxons

3. Two Chambered heart is seen in___
Answer: Pices

4. Light bones are seen in____
Answer: Birds

5. Cockroach belongs to Phylum in ____
Answer: Arthropoda

6. Ovovivipary is seen in____
Answer: Vipers

7. What is Powerhouse of the cell?
Answer: Mitochondrion

8. The Cell division common in gametes___
Answer: Meiosis

9. Golgi is involved in formation of ___
Answer: Lysosome

10. The______ of WBC destroy pathogens
Answer: Lysosome

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