General Studies Mock Test for Indian Constitution - 99

In this Mock test Special Collection for Indian Constitution.In this Quiz questions collection based on previous Questions papers. Its is very helpful for exam preparation like TNPSC, UPSC, SSC, TRB. All the best .

  1. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
    1.  is appointed by the President
    2.  is elected by the member of the Parliament
    3.  is elected by the members of the Lok Sabha
    4.  is appointed by the Prime Minister

  2. The President of India has power to issue ordinance and When?
    1.  There is a National emergency
    2.  The Lok Sabha has been dissoved
    3.  The Government wants immediate legislation
    4.  The Parliament is not in session

  3. Which of the following contains largest number of subjects?
    1.  Union List
    2.  State List
    3.  Concurrent List
    4.  None of the above

  4. Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court hold office until they attain in the age of?
    1.  52 years
    2.  58 years
    3.  60 years
    4.  65 years

  5. The Indian Constitution is?
    1.  Based on convenstion
    2.  a brief document
    3.  Un Written constitution
    4.  Written and bulky document

  6. The Government of India Act 1935, provided for?
    1.  Dyarchy at the center
    2.  Esteblishment of federal court
    3.  Provicial autonomy
    4.  All of the above

  7. The ultimate source of authority in India?
    1.  The People
    2.  The Government
    3.  The Constitution
    4.  The Parliament

  8. Fundemental duties were incorporated in the constitution by the?
    1.  44th Amendment Act, 1978
    2.  45th Amendment Act,1980 
    3.  46th Amendment ACt, 1982
    4.  42th Amendment Act, 1976

  9. The Executive power of the state is vested in?
    1.  The Governor
    2.  The State Legislature
    3.  The Chief Minister
    4.  High Court

  10. The minimum age prescribed for the membership of the Rajya Sabha is?
    1.  21
    2.  25
    3.  30
    4.  35

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