Important General Knowledge Questions for TNPSC Exams - 2

 11. The Tamilnadu legislative assembly celebrated the _________years of its history recently.
 (A) 50 
 (B) 60 
 (C) 75 
 (D) 100

12. The official state emblem of Tamil Nadu government is taken from _________temple.
 (A) Kancheepuram 
 (B) Srirangam
 (C) Srivilliputhur 
 (D) Madurai

13. Who is not the founder of the Justice Party?
 (A) Dr. C. Natesa Mudaliar 
 (B) Theagaraya Chetty
 (C) E. V. Ramsamy Naickar 
 (D) Dr. T. M. Nair

14. The Pak Strait is situated between
 (A) India and Sri Lanka 
 (B) India and Pakistan
 (C) India and Bangladesh 
 (D) Pakistan and Afghanistan

15. Which city is called the Manchester of South?
 (A) Chennai 
 (B) Bangalore
 (C) Coimbatore 
 (D) Vijayawada

16. When you travel from Kanyakumari to Chennai, the rivers you will cross in that order will be
 1. Vaigai
 2. Tamirabarani
 3. Palar
 4. South Pennar
 (A) 1,2,3,4 
 (B) 4,1,2,3
 (C) 2,1,4,3 
 (D) 4,3,2,1 

17. The southern most point of India is
 (A) Kanyakumari 
 (B) Indira point
 (C) Thiruvananthapuram 
 (D) Lakshadweep

18. The Central Institute of Brackish Water Aquaculture is located in
 (A) Nagapattinam 
 (B) Kochi 
 (C) Chennai 
 (D) Tuticorin

19. The India’ s proposed manned mission to space by ISRO is named as
 (A) Gaganyann 
 (B) Mangalyaan 
 (C) Navyaan
 (D) Vikayaan

20. The “Keeladi Excavation” depicts the urban civilization existed in the ––––––––––––– river bank.
(A) Cauvery 
(B) Vaigai 
(C) Godavari 
(D) Mahanadi 

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