Important Questions and Answer of KVS & NVS and other Librarian Exam - 1

Important Questions: Library and Information Science

1. National Referal Centre for Science and Technology was functioning at
(B) National Science Library 
(C) Library of Congress 
(D) National Library of Medicine
Answer: B

2. 'Key word in Title' was revised under the name of 'Keyword in context (KWIC)' by
(A) Berwick Sayers 
(B) E.C. Richardson
(C) Hans P. Luhn 
(D) D.J. Foskett 
Answer: C

3. World Cat' is maintained by
(A) Library of Congress 
(D) Thomson Reuters 
Answer: B

4. POPSI indexing system was developed by
(A) S.R. Ranganathan 
(B) A. Neelameghan
(G) Bhattacharya 
(D) D. Austin 
Answer: C

5. Which one of the following is not an elementary category in POPSI?
(A) Entity 
(B) Action
(C) Time 
(D) Discipline 
Answer: C

6. Relational indexing was devised by
(A) C.A. Cutter 
(B) M. Taube
(C) J.E.L. Farradane 
(D) Derek Austin 
Answer: C

7. Who has designed "Difference Engine"?
(A) Blaise Pascal 
(B) Charles Babbage 
(C) John Brown 
(D) John Napier 
Answer: B

8. ENIAC stands for
(A) Electronic Numeric Interval and Calculator
(B) Electrical Numerical Integration and Calculate
(C) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator 
(D) Electronic Number Integration and Calculation 
Answer: C

9. What is the heart of micro computer?
(A) Micro Processor .
(C) ALU 
Answer: B

10. The concept of artificial intelligence is related with
(A) First Generation Computers
(B) Second Generation Computers
(C) Fourth Generation Computers
(D) Fifth Generation Computers 
Answer: D

11. Arrange the following in the order of Computer generations:
(i) Integrated circuit
(ii) Transistor
(iii) Vaccum tube
(iv) Chip
(A) (iv), (ii), (iii), (i) 
(B) (ill), (ii), (i), (iv) 
(C) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) 
(D) (iii), (iv), (ii), (i)
Answer: B

12. Which one of the following types of memory is volatile?
(A) ROM 
(D) RAM 
Answer: D

13. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
(A) Fax - Optical storage
(B) CD-ROM - Image transmission
(C) Floppy Disc - Magnetic storage 
(D) Circuit - Software
Answer: C

14. The computer that process both analog and digitalis called
(A) Analog Computer 
(B) Hybrid Computer 
(C) Digital Computer 
(D) Mainframe Computer
Answer: B

15. Who has outlined examples of E-Books?
(A) McCarty - 1997 
(B) William J. Mitchell - 1995
(C) Mitchell - 1996 
(D) Craw Ford - 1995
Answer: A

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