Important General Knowledge (GK) Questions (TNPSC, SSC, TRB, UPSC, IBPS)

 1. Other than cricket which game also has a striker? 

(a) Ludo 

(b) Kho- Kho 

(c) Carrom 

(d) Chess

2. Which of these places got its name from a local word for mangrove trees? 

(a) Vrindavan 

(b) Sunderbans 

(c) Mussoorie 

(d) Madhubani

3. In which year was the first war between India and Pakistan was fought?

(a) 1947

(b) 1958

(c) 1971

(d) 1998

4. If you are in Red Fort, which city are you visiting? 

(a) Agra 

(b) Hyderabad 

(c) Jaipur 

(d) Delhi

5. Which of these is Dot a port city on the Arabian Sea? 

(a) Panaji 

(b) Vishakhapatnam 

(c) Mumbai 

(d) Mangalore

6. Which of these Asian countries is not landlocked? 

(a) Afghanistan 

(b) Laos 

(c) Mongolia 

(d) Cambodia

7. Which was the first hill passenger railway opened in India in 1881 ? 

(a) Kalka Shimla Railway 

(b) Matheran Hill Railway 

(c) Nilgiri Mountain Railway 

(d) Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

8. What does CO stand for? 

(a) Carbon 

(b) Carbon monoxide 

(c) Coal 

(d) Carbon dioxide

9. Raslila dance is associated with which God ? 

(a) Lord Shiva 

(b) Lord Ganesha 

(c) Lord Indra 

(d) Lord Krishna

10 Which of the following is an Indian online retail company? 

(a) Alibaba Group 

(b) Amazon 

(c) eBay 

(d) Jabong

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