Important General Knowledge Questions for all competitive exams - 1

1. India's population growth was rapid because ________
Answer: Birth rate is more than death rate

2. During which plan period was the actual growth rate of national income more than the targeted growth rate?
Answer: First five year plan (1951-1956)

3. Which method to estimate the poverty line in India?
Answer: Income method

4. National income can be increased by ________
Answer: Increase in the rate of investment

5. The exposed skin of our body starts cracking in winter season mainly due to ________
Answer: Low Humidity

6. All India coordinated Research Project on Tropical Fruits is located at which place?
Answer: Bangalore

7. The name given to all the hills of north east India beyond Brahmaputra gorge is ________
Answer: Purvanchal

8. Recently which organisations has launched the One Trillion Trees Initiatives to grow, restore and conserve trees across the worlds by 2030?
Answer: World Economic Forum

9. Which country has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) cop Ella to the force?
Answer: New Zealand

10. 80 percent of coal reserves of India are in ________
Answer: Damodar Valley

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