Important General Knowledge Questions for all Competitive Exams - 4

1. Lionardo da Vinci, who is famous for his great masterpiece 'Monalisa' was a painter from
Answer: Italy

2. Who was invented the steam engine?
Answer: James Watt

3. Representative fraction for full size scale is _______
Answer: Equal to one

4. Who build Jama Masjid of Delhi?
Answer: Shahjahan

5. The 'Middle Path' in religion was ascribed to ________
Answer: Buddha

6. Shivaji was strategy used against the Mughals was ________
Answer: Guerilla Warfare

7. 'Angstrom'is the Unit of __________
Answer: Length

8. Central Institute of Indian Languages is located at which places?
Answer: Mysore

9. Which organism has white blood?
Answer: Cockroach

10. Which is the well known example of bioindicator of air pollution?
Answer: Lichens

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