Important General Knowledge Questions for All Competitive Exams - 5

1. Which place is the secretariat of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) located at present?
Answer: Gurugram

2. Under the Civil Registration System (CRS) it is legally mandatory to register birth and death eents within how many days in India?
Answer: 21 Days

3. The first Union Territory of India to run 100 per cent of solar energy is ________
Answer: Diu (Taking giant leaps in the sector of solar power generation, Diu has become nation's first ever renewable energy surplus Union Territory (UT) in just three years. Diu now runs 100 percent on solar power energy. On a daily basis, the UT generates 13 megawatts of power in totality from solar power generating facilities)

4. The winter rains caused by Western disturbance in North Western Plain of India gradually decreases from _______
Answer: West to East

5. Moribund Delta is a subdivision of which of the Delta?
Answer: Bengal Delta

6. "The Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India" was written by ________
Answer: Bipin Chandra

7. Who prepared 'C.R.Formula' to remove the political deadlock between Muslim League and Indian National Congress?
Answer: C.Rajagopalachari

8. Which rivers is famous for its fault valley drainage?
Answer: Damodar

9. Which natural regions is known as 'Land of Big Games'?
Answer: Tropical Savanna Region

10. The most biodiversity rich area in India is _______
Answer: Western Ghats

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