Library and Information Science - Paper II

UGC - NET Library and Information Science 

1. Damodaran  Committee  was appointed in 1971 to review working of

(A) Medical College Libraries

(B) National Science Libraries

(C) Agriculture Libraries

(D) Polytechnic Libraries

Answer: D

2. Which form of reasoning is the process  of  drawing  a  specific conclusion from a set of premises ?

(A) Rationalism

(B) Deductive reasoning

(C) Inductive reasoning

(D) Probabilistic

Answer: B

3. A non-linear model of information seeking behaviour was presented by

(A) T.D. Wilson

(B) Ellis

(C) Kulthou

(D) Allen Foster

Answer: D

4. Which of the following programming language is exclusively used for Artificial Intelligence ?

(A) C

(B) J2EE

(C) Prolog


Answer: C

5. To make a program safe, one should take care of

(A) Strong  authentication  and access controls

(B) Error checking controls

(C) Do risk analysis

(D) Vendor’s credibility

Answer: A

6. In CDS/ISIS ‘delimiters’ means

(A) Field address

(B) Field repeatability

(C) Field format

(D) Subfield indicators

Answer: D

7. A systematic method and process of studying and evaluating whether the expenditure for products, materials, or services is justified by the benefits is

(A) Break Even Analysis

(B) Cost-Effective Analysis

(C) System Analysis

(D) Administrative Analysis

Answer: B

8. What is the relationship between ISBD and cataloguing codes ?

(A) They are not related to each other

(B) ISBD  includes  cataloguing rules

(C) ISBD can replace cataloguing rules

(D) Anglo-American codes include bibliographic description

Answer: D

9. Who  first  used  the  phrase ‘Bibliographical Control’ ?

(A) Paul Otlet

(B) Henry La Fontaine

(C) Luther Evans

(D) Konrad Gesner

Answer: C

10.  Cost recovery and profit making aspects in relation to gathering information, organization, services and usage, etc. refer to

(A) Economy evaluation

(B) Coverage evaluation

(C) Workforce evaluation

(D) User evaluation

Answer: A

11.  Joseph W Lippincott Award is presented to the librarians for (A) promoting love for books and reading.

(B) advanced study in the field of children’s library.

(C) achievements in classification and cataloguing.

(D) outstanding  participation  in professional library associations.

Answer: D

12.  LIPHIS (Linked Phrase Indexing System) was developed by

(A) T.C. Craven

(B) J. Farradane

(C) J.C.R. Yeats

(D) P. Ekern

Answer: A

13.  Which of the following gives complete control over the cross references of an index to the Indexer ?

(A) See also cross reference

(B) check also cross reference

(C) See cross reference

(D) Inverted cross reference

Answer: D

14.  LIS Gateway is maintained by





Answer: A

15.  A situation where a digital resource is no longer readable is called

(A) Digital Divide

(B) Digital Representation

(C) Digital Rendering

(D) Digital Obsolescence

Answer: D

16.  What type of bibliography is ‘Indian National Bibliography’ ?

(A) Enumerative

(B) Analytical

(C) Descriptive

(D) Textual

Answer: A

17.  EUAL stands for 

(A) E-monitoring  library  for Academics

(B) End User Logistics Association

(C) Electronic Usage of Library Acquisitions

(D) End User License Agreement

Answer: D

18.  WIPO Academy deals with

(A) Patent Cooperation Treaty

(B) Courses on Intellectual Property

(C) Trademarks Gateway

(D) All of the above

Answer: B

19.  Public Library Association (PLA) is a division of






20.  Which of the following are the characteristic  features  of  Post-coordinate indexing system ?

i.  Index terms are pre-determined

ii.  Coordination of terms done by users

iii.  No fixed citation order

iv.  Multiple entries prepared for each document

Codes :

(A) i and ii are correct.

(B) ii and iii are correct.

(C) i and iii are correct.

(D) ii and iv are correct.

Answer: B

21.  The three leadership styles identified by Koontz and others are

i.  Autocratic

ii. Democratic

iii.Trait approach

iv. Free-reign

Codes :

(A) i, ii and iii are correct.

(B) ii, iii and iv are correct.

(C) iii, iv and i are correct.

(D) i, ii and iv are correct

Answer: D

22. Which of the following are not the features of ISDN ?

i.  Simultaneous Digital Transmission

ii. Set of communication standards

iii.Creates and combines packets

iv. Program to visit web pages

Codes :

(A) i & ii are correct.

(B) ii & iii are correct.

(C) iii & iv are correct.

(D) i & iv are correct.

Answer: C

23.  Which of the following facilitate formal communication on the web ?

i.  Wikis

ii. Chat

iii.RSS feeds

iv. Split screens

Codes :

(A) i & ii are correct.

(B) ii &iii are correct.

(C) i & iii are correct.

(D) iii & iv are correct.

Answer: C

24.  Semantic Web is based on which of the following :

i.  RDF

ii. Ontologies


iv. Cloud seeding

Codes :

(A) i, ii & iii are correct.

(B) ii, iii & iv are correct.

(C) i, iii & iv are correct.

(D) i, ii & iv are correct.

Answer: A

25.  Which of the following are not web

2.0 Tools ?

i.  Ontologies

ii.  Facebook

iii.  Intelligent Web

iv.  RSS Feeds

Codes :

(A) i & ii are correct.

(B) i & iii are correct.

(C) ii & iii are correct.

(D) iii & iv are correct.

Answer: B

26.  Who  are  associated  with  the development of OSI Model ?

i.  Charles Buchman

ii. ISO

iii.MIT, USA

iv. UCLA, California

Codes :

(A) i and iv are correct.

(B) i and iii are correct.

(C) i and ii are correct.

(D) ii and iii are correct.

Answer: C

27.  Which of the following source(s) you refer to get information on old name for ‘Zaire’ ?

i.  Encyclopaedias

ii. Yearbooks


iv. Directories

Codes :

(A) (i) and (ii) are correct.

(B) (i), (ii) and (iii) are correct.

(C) (i) and (iii) are correct.

(D) (ii), (iii) and (iv) are correct.

Answer: C

28.  The  objectives  of  Empowered Committee under the chairmanship of D.P. Chattopadhyay submitted in 1986 were

i. To find out the implications of recommendations of NIP 1986.

ii.To recommend decision points for Government regarding libraries.

iii.To initiate a national commission on libraries.

iv. To develop a system of national libraries.

Codes :

(A) i and ii

(B) i,ii and iii

(C) ii and iv

(D) iii and iv

Answer: *

29.  Which  of  the  following  are plagiarism detection software ?

(i)  Turnitin

(ii)  Ithenticate

(iii) Tulips

(iv) Veri Guide

Codes :

(A) (i) and (ii)

(B) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(C) (i), (ii) and (iv)

(D) (ii) and (iii)

Answer: C

30.  Which of the following methods are adopted for offering information literacy ? 

i.  Stand alone course

ii. Integrated with curriculum

iii.Online course

iv. Internship

Codes :

(A) i and ii

(B) i, ii and iii

(C) ii and iv

(D) i, ii and iv

Answer: B

31.  Which of the following are direct methods of user study ?

i.  Reading habits

ii. Analysis of library records

iii.Service preferences

iv. User needs

Codes :

(A) ii & iii

(B) ii & iv

(C) i & iv

(D) iii & iv


32.  Which of the following are the steps in operational research process ?

i.  Construction of mathematical model

ii. Deriving solution from the model.

iii.Graphic representation of work on a time scale.

iv. Developing network diagram showing interrelationships.

Codes :

(A) i and ii are correct.

(B) ii and iii are correct.

(C) iii and iv are correct.

(D) iv and i are correct.

Answer: D

33.  Which of the following are statistical programming software ?


ii. SAS


iv. SLIM

Codes :

(A) i, iii and iv

(B) i, ii and iii

(C) i, ii and iv

(D) ii, iii and iv

Answer: B

34.  Which of the following organizations are involved in providing translation services in India ?


ii. National Library of India



Codes :

(A) ii and iv are correct.

(B) ii and iii are correct.

(C) i and iv are correct.

(D) i and iii are correct.

Answer: D

35.  Which  of  the  following  are International Referral Centres for Scholarly Information ?

i.  DARE


iii.International Referral Network

iv. Information Referral

Codes :

(A) ii & iv are correct.

(B) i & iv are correct.

(C) i & ii are correct.

(D) ii & iii are correct.

Answer: C

36.  Which of the following are the works related to IFLA’s Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) ?

i.  Publish reports, participate in national  and  international conferences  and  organize workshops.

ii. Monitor the state of intellectual freedom within the library community world-wide and publish newsletters and online news.

iii.  Respond to violations of free access to information and freedom of expression and make press releases.

iv.  Cross-association activities, to bring participants together.

Codes :

(A) i, iii and iv are correct.

(B) ii, iii and iv are correct.

(C) i, ii and iv are correct.

(D) i, ii and iii are correct.

Answer: D

37.  Shannon’s model of information theory is criticized for which of the following reasons ?

i.  Concern on semantic issues

ii. Engineering bias

iii.Concern  for  technical transmission

iv. Emphasis on effectiveness

Codes :

(A) i and ii are correct.

(B) ii and iii are correct.

(C) iii and iv are correct.

(D) i and iii are correct.

Answer: B

38.  Arrange the following Library Acts according to their year of enactment :

i.  Uttarakhand

ii. Orissa


iv.  Goa

Codes :

(A) iv, i, ii, iii

(B) i, ii, iii, iv

(C) iii, iv, ii, i

(D) ii, iii, i, iv

Answer: C

39.  Arrange the following stages of knowledge representation in order :

i. Gather data

ii.Knowledge database


iv.Content mapping

Codes :

(A) iv, iii, i, ii

(B) iii, i, iv, ii

(C) ii, iv, i, iii

(D) i, iii, ii, iv

Answer: D

40.  Arrange the following according to their year of emergence :




iv. C-DAC

Codes :

(A) ii, iii, i, iv

(B) iii, ii, iv, i

(C) iv, ii, iii, i

(D) i, iv, iii, ii

Answer: A

41.  Arrange the following steps in Flow- Chart in order :

i. Modularity

ii.Data Structure

iii.Identifying problems into sub- problems

iv. Loops and Termination of loops

Codes :

(A) iii, iv, i, ii

(B) iii, ii, iv, i

(C) ii, iii, iv, i

(D) iv, ii, i, iii

Answer: B

42.  Arrange  the  following  libraries according to their year of origin :

i.  Asiatic  Society  Library, Bombay

ii. Connemara  Public  Library, Madras

iii.Delhi Public Library, Delhi

iv. National  Library  of  India, Calcutta

Codes :

(A) i, ii, iv, iii

(B) i, iii, iv, ii

(C) ii, iv, iii, i

(D) iv, iii, ii, i

Answer: A

43.  Arrange the following according to their year of origin :

i.  Bowker Annual

ii. Europa World Yearbook

iii.India; a reference annual

iv. Stateman’s yearbook

Codes :

(A) iv, i, ii, iii

(B) i, ii, iv, iii

(C) iv, iii, i, ii

(D) ii, i, iv, iii

Answer: A

44.  Arrange the following in the order of development :

i.  GML

ii. Hypermedia


iv. Memex

Codes :

(A) i, ii, iii, iv

(B) iv, ii, i, iii

(C) ii, iii, iv, i

(D) iii, ii, i, iv

Answer: B

45.  Arrange in sequence the following committees workshop in order of their year of constitution :

i.  UGC  Committee  for Development of University and College  Libraries  (S.R. Ranganathan)

ii. UGC Committee on National Network System for University Libraries (Dr. Yashpal)

iii.UGC Review Committee on Library  Science  (S.R.Ranganathan)

iv.  UGC Workshop on Standards for College Libraries

Codes :

(A) iii, iv, i, ii

(B) iii, ii, i, iv

(C) i, iii, iv, ii

(D) i, ii, iv, iii

Answer: C

46.  Match the following tools used in Total Quality Management :

List – I                                                            

a. Statistical Quality Control

b. Check Sheets                  

c. Pareto Charts                  

d. Fishbone diagram          

 List – II

 i.  Conformance and Maintain stick

ii. To identify relationship between problem and cause

iii.Checking variables

iv. To identify intensity of problem

Codes :

     a   b   c   d

(A)  ii  i  iv  iii

(B)  iii  i  iv  ii

(C)  i  iii  ii  iv

(D)  iv  i  iii  ii

Answer: B

47.  Match the following :

List – I (Hypothesis)            List – II (Characteristics)

a. Null                                      i.  Statement of expectations

b. Working (Directional)         ii. Relational

c. Explanatory                          iii.No relation between variables

d. Descriptive                           iv. Existence  of variables

Codes :

       a   b   c   d

(A)  i  iv  ii  iii

(B)  iii  iv  ii  i

(C)  iii  ii  i  iv

(D)  iii  i  ii  iv

Answer: D

48.  Match the following :

List – I                                                           List – II

a. Theory of Hygiene & Motivation      i.  Likerts

b. Maturity Theory                                ii. Vroom and Lawler

c. Expectancy Theory                            iii. Herzberg

d. Analysis Theory                                 iv. Argyris

Codes :

       a   b   c   d

(A)  ii  iii  iv  i

(B)  iii  iv  ii  i

(C)  ii  i  iii  iv

(D)  iv  i  ii  iii

Answer: B

49.  Match the following :

List – I                                            List – II

a. Harrold Koontz                  i.  MBO

b. Rensis Likert                     ii. Three leadership styles

c. Peter Drucker                    iii.Four systems management

d. George Haber                    iv. Problem solving Vs.Decision making

Codes :

     a   b   c    d

(A)  i  ii  iii  iv

(B)  iii  iv  i  ii

(C)  iv  iii  ii  i

(D)  ii  iii  i  iv

Answer: D

50.  Match the following :

List – I                                                                                                

a. Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education          

b. Seven Pillars of Information literacy                                                          

c. Guidelines on Information Literacy for Life Long Learning                    

d. Information Literacy Working Group                                                  

List –  II

 i. IFLA

ii. CAUL



Codes :

      a   b   c   d

(A)  iii  iv  i  ii

(B)  iv  ii  iii  i

(C)  iii  i  ii  iv

(D)  ii  iii  i  iv

Answer: A

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