New Books 6th Standard Science: Forces And Motion Model Test - 2

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  1.  When there is a change of position of an object with respect to time ________.
    1.  motion
    2.  momentum
    3.  force
    4.  oscillation

  2. _______ are push or pull by an animate or inanimate agency.
    1.  Vibration
    2.  Forces
    3.  Rest
    4.  Motion

  3. Fast oscillations are referred to as ________.
    1.  zigzag motion
    2.  linear motion
    3.  vibration
    4.  rotatory motion

  4. forces can ____________.
    1.  change the speed of the body
    2.  change direction of the body
    3.  either change the speed or direction of the body 
    4.  either change the speed or direction or both of the body 

  5. SI unit of average speed is ______.
    1.  distance/ total time
    2.  kilometer/minutes
    3.  meter/minutes
    4.  meter/second

  6. _________ are robots scaled down to microscopic size in order to put them into very small spaces to perform a function.
    1.  Nanometer
    2.  Nanobots
    3.  Nanometer
    4.  Nanorobotics

  7. Application of forces result in motion from rest, increase or decrease in speed,change in direction, and __________.
    1.  distortion of the shape
    2.  vibration
    3.  oscillation
    4.  both (b) & (c)

  8. Kick a football is an example of  __________.
    1.  animate factors
    2.  inanimate factors
    3.  non-contact force
    4.  contact force

  9. The motion can be classified according to ___________.
    1.  to the path
    2.  periodic or non-periodic
    3.  uniform or non-uniform
    4.  All of the above

  10. Moving ahead but changing direction, like a throwing ball is ______.
    1.  circular motion
    2.  rotatory motion
    3.  oscillatory motion
    4.  curvilinear motion

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