New Books 6th standard Science: The Living World Of Plants Model Test - 4

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  1. Mango tree has its _________ root system.
    1.  Modified
    2.  Fibrous 
    3.  Tap
    4.  Advantageous 

  2. The bud at the tip of the stem is known as ______ .
    1.  Top bud
    2.  Auxiliary bud
    3.  Node
    4.  Terminal bud

  3. A leaf has a stalk called ________
    1.  petiole
    2.  stipules
    3.  stomata
    4.  lamina

  4. Based on position of ______, Plants can be divided into two groups i,e; Angiosperms and Gymnosperms.
    1.  flower
    2.  root
    3.  stem
    4.  seed

  5. The Amazon Rain Forest in ______ produces half of the world’s oxygen supply.
    1.  Africa
    2.  North America
    3.  Europe
    4.  South America

  6. The first land plants appeared around 470 million years ago.They were mosses and liverworts.
    1.  mosses and liverworths
    2.  bougainvillea
    3.  gliricidia
    4.  green algae

  7. World habitat day is observed on _______.
    1.  1st Monday of October
    2.  1st Monday of February 
    3.  1st Monday of December
    4.  1st Monday of March

  8. In Bitter Gourd __________are modified into tendril which helps he plant to climb.
    1.  terminal bud
    2.  leaflets
    3.  axillary buds
    4.  lamina

  9. Changes in the structure or behaviour of an organism that helps the plants to survive in a particular habitat is called _________.
    1.  survival of the fittest theory
    2.  evolution
    3.  adaptation
    4.  modification

  10. Lathyrus Agave Bamboo Opuntia is one of the fast growing plants, during active growth phase.
    1.  Sweet Peas
    2.  Agave
    3.  Lathyrus
    4.  Bamboo

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