New Books 6th standard Science: Living World of Animals Model Test -5

Welcome to the QUIZ Section of TNPSC Master.Com. This section is a store house of Multiple Choice questions based on various fields of study. These questions mainly focused for TNPSC / TRB - TET / UPSC / SSC and other state public service examinations. We hope TNPSC aspirants should use this quiz and Update their Knowledge. All the best....Knock the door of success......

  1.  Pseudopodia in amoeba help in _________.
    1.  locomotion
    2.  digestion
    3.  respiration
    4.  reproduction

  2. Most of the fishes have slippery scales to __________.
    1.  swim in water
    2.  respiration in water
    3.  change the direction and keep its body balance in water
    4.  protect the body in water

  3. Dwelling place of an organism is known as ________.
    1.  coevolution
    2.  biome
    3.  habitat
    4.  ecosystem

  4. __________ does not drink water at all.Whatever food it eats and oxygen it gets from air combine together to form water inside the body.
    1.  Chameleon
    2.  Camel
    3.  Kangaroo rat
    4.  Kangaroo

  5. The term biodiversity refers to __________.
    1.  the totality of species
    2.  populations and communities
    3.  ecosystems
    4.  All of the above

  6.  In Tamil Nadu Bird Sanctuaries are located at _______.
    1.  Vedanthangal
    2.  Kodiyakkarai 
    3.  Koondhankulam
    4.  all of the above 

  7.  Spending the hot and dry period in an inactive state is known as ___________.
    1.  hibernation
    2.  pollination
    3.  torpid
    4.  aestivation

  8. Name an Indian origin, mountain goat ________ that can find small spaces on rock to climb with ease and keep its balance as it feeds.
    1.  Altai
    2.  Nilgri Tahr
    3.  Asmari
    4.  Benadir

  9. When an animal moves its location as the season changes it is said to be ___________.
    1.  shifting
    2.  immigration
    3.  mitigation
    4.  migration

  10. Spending winters in a dormant condition is called __________.
    1.  dormancy
    2.  loafing
    3.  hibernation
    4.  lassitude

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