Forensic Science 2013 December UGC NET Solved Question Paper II

Forensic Science 2013 December UGC NET Solved Question Paper II

1. Match the following:

List – I (Physical Evidences)                          List – II (Sections of Forensic Science Laboratory)

a. Examination of twine                                  i. Biology section

b. Examination of saliva                                 ii. Chemistry section

c. Examination of pesticide                            iii. Physics section

d. Examination of adulteration of gasoline    iv. Toxicology section


        a b c d

(A) iii i ii iv

(B) iii ii iv i

(C) i iii iv ii

(D) iii i iv ii

Answer: (D)

2. The author of the book entitled “Suspect Document” is

(A) Osborn & Osborn

(B) Ordway Hilton

(C) Wilson R. Harrison

(D) R.A. Huber

Answer: (C)

3. Culliford was a forensic scientist who has worked in the field of

(A) Forensic Toxicology

(B) Forensic Ballistics

(C) Forensic Serology

(D) Forensic Physics

Answer: (C)

4. L.N.J.P. National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science was established at New Delhi in the following year:

(A) 1968

(B) 1970

(C) 1972

(D) 1974

Answer: (C)

5. A current which will exist even if no light is falling on the UV-V is detectors is known as

(A) Dark Current

(B) False Current

(C) True Current

(D) Pseudo Current

Answer: (A)

6. Exciter filter is a part of the following microscope:

(A) Polarising microscope

(B) Phase-contrast microscope

(C) Fluorescence microscope

(D) Transmission Electron microscope

Answer: (C)

7. ______ is used as neutron moderator in NAA in TRIGA reactor.

(A) Water

(B) Ethanol

(C) Chloroform

(D) Acetone

Answer: (A)

8. Radioactivity of a substance can be measured by

(A) TCD detector

(B) MCT detector

(C) EC detector

(D) Geiger Muller Counter

Answer: (D)

9. In capillary electrophoresis, which flow causes the movement of electrolyte through the tube?

(A) Micro-osmatic flow

(B) Electro-osmatic flow

(C) Macro-osmatic flow

(D) None of the above

Answer: (A)

10. Assertion (A): A phenolphthalein solution is used to show the possible presence of blood.

Reason (R): As there is non-specific peroxidase reaction with haemoglobin producing pink colour.


(A) (R) is correct, but (A) is incorrect.

(B) (R) is incorrect, but (A) is correct.

(C) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

(D) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect.

Answer: (C)

11. A change in one base of an amino acid sequence may produce a change, called

(A) A Tetrad

(B) A zygote

(C) A point mutation

(D) Independent assortment

Answer: (C)

12. The polymorphic enzymes found in human blood may help in

(A) Individualization

(B) Polymorphism

(C) Agglutination

(D) Precipitation

Answer: (A)

13. Semen sample having no sperms is called

(A) Oligospermic

(B) Aspermic

(C) Histospermic

(D) Hematospermic

Answer: (B)

14. An Rh incompatibility between mother and fetus can occur if

(A) Only mother is Rh(–)

(B) Fetus is Rh(+)

(C) Pregnancy is second or later

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

15. Kerosene is a blend of

(A) Paraffins

(B) Naphthenes

(C) Aromatics

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

16. Petroleum products include

(A) LPG and CNG

(B) Aviation spirit

(C) Kerosene

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

17. Which of the following is used to colour motor gasoline?

(A) Phenyl azo-2-napthol

(B) Eosine

(C) Di-alkyl amino anthraquinone

(D) Erythrosine

Answer: (A)

18. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is measured in

(A) Weight/Volume percent

(B) Volume/Volume percent

(C) Weight/Weight percent

(D) All of the above

Answer: (A)

19. Heroin is easily differentiated from its cutting agents by

(A) Colour/spot test

(B) Thin Layer Chromatography

(C) UV-Vis spectrophotometry

(D) IR spectrophotometry

Answer: (B)

20. Assertion (A): Free sulphuric acid is rarely found in stomach contents in acid poisoning case.

Reason (R): Because either it is vomited out or neutralized by alkalies given as antidotes.


(A) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect.

(B) (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect.

(C) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

(D) (A) is incorrect, but (R) is correct.

Answer: (C)

21. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is

(A) 490 ft/sec

(B) 428 ft/sec

(C) 346 ft/sec

(D) 245 ft/sec

Answer: (D)

22. Assertion (A): Test shell case and questioned shell case can be compared using comparison microscope to establish the identity of the weapon.

Reason (R): Because rifilling marks on shell case are identical.


(A) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

(B) (A) is incorrect, but (R) is correct.

(C) (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect.

(D) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect.

Answer: (C)

23. Rechochet marks are generally found on

(A) Fired cartridge

(B) Pellets entered human body

(C) Bullet striking on stone

(D) Bullet entered human body

Answer: (C)

24. Tandem Bullet is

(A) Slug bullet

(B) Jacketed bullet

(C) Spitzer bullet

(D) Bullet which is lodged inside the barrel and comes out along with another bullet fired from the same gun.

Answer: (D)

25. Match the following:

List – I                                                                        List - II

a. EDGN                                                                     i. Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate

b. NG                                                                          ii. Ethylane Glycol dinitrate

c. PETN                                                                      iii. Cyclotrimethylene trinitramine

d. RDX                                                                       iv. Nitroglycerine


        a b c d

(A) ii iv i iii

(B) ii iv iii i

(C) ii iii i iv

(D) iii i ii iv

Answer: (A)

26. Picric Acid test of urine is performed to detect

(A) Albumin

(B) Creatinine

(C) Uric acid

(D) Chlorine

Answer: (B)

27. Colustrum is a form of

(A) Semen

(B) Milk

(C) Blood

(D) Saliva

Answer: (B)

28. Which of the following techniques can be used in analysis of fibres?

(A) Optical microscopy

(B) Pyrolysis gas chromatography

(C) Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

29. A hair cut by a blade or scissors will have

(A) a sharp edge

(B) a blunt edge

(C) follicular tissue attached

(D) a crushed edge

Answer: (A)

30. Sperms are stored and matured in one of the following:

(A) Testis

(B) Seminal vesicles

(C) Epididymis

(D) Vas deferens

Answer: (C)

31. In window glass pane, the following components are not commonly present:

(a) Aluminium oxide

(b) Silicon oxide

(c) Antimony oxide

(d) Barium oxide


(A) (c) and (d) are correct.

(B) (c) and (b) are correct.

(C) (a) and (b) are correct.

(D) (a) and (d) are correct.

Answer: (A)

32. The range of lime (CaO) is within ______ in Portland cement.

(A) 30 – 35%

(B) 35 – 55%

(C) 60 – 67%

(D) 70 – 75%

Answer: (C)

33. In density gradient determination method of soil examination, the following liquids are commonly used:

(A) Bromoform

(B) Bromobenzene

(C) Nitrobenzene

(D) Mixture of bromoform and bromobenzene

Answer: (D)

34. Match the following pertaining to paint sample:

List – I (Paint Pigment)                                  List – II (Colour of Paint)

a. Titanium Dioxide                                        i. Red

b. Cobalt Salt                                                  ii. Blue

c. Graphite                                                      iii. White

d. Lead tetra-oxide                                         iv. Black


        a b c d

(A) iii ii i iv

(B) iv ii iii i

(C) ii i iii iv

(D) iii ii iv i

Answer: (D)

35. The following parameters of tool application can produce the sufficient influence on the nature of stration marks produced by screw driver, except

(A) Vertical angle of tool

(B) Pressure on tool

(C) Relative velocity of tool

(D) Horizontal angle of tool

Answer: (C)

36. Which type of the teeth are not present in human primary dentition?

(A) Premolar

(B) Incisor

(C) Canine

(D) Molar

Answer: (A)

37. Mass disaster victim identification could be achieved on the basis of

(A) Fingerprints

(B) Photographs

(C) Antimortem dental records

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

38. Match the following:

List – I                                                                                    List - II

a. Somatoscopy                                                                       i. Measurement on living person

b. Osteometry                                                                                     ii. Obsrvations on living person

c. Craniametry                                                                         iii. Measurements of bones

d. Somatometry                                                                      iv. Measurements of skull


        a b c d

(A) ii iii iv i

(B) iii i ii iv

(C) iv ii i iii

(D) i ii iii iv

Answer: (A)

39. Stature of an individual can be estimated from foot prints on the basis of

(i) multiplication factors

(ii) regression equations

(iii) Hardy-Weinberg equation

(iv) Segregation equation


(A) (i) and (iii) are correct.

(B) (i) and (ii) are correct.

(C) (ii) and (iv) are correct.

(D) (i) and (iv) are correct.

Answer: (B)

40. Which of the following is the most frequent type of fingerprint pattern?

(A) Arch

(B) Loop

(C) Whorl

(D) Accidental

Answer: (B)

41. When two sets of writings / signatures are exactly superimposing upon each other, that means

(A) one of the sets is result of disguise

(B) one of the sets is result of simulated forgery

(C) one of the sets is result of traced forgery

(D) one of the sets is result of free hand forgery

Answer: (C)

42. Magnetic powders contain which of the following as one of the constituents?

(A) Copper particles

(B) Silver particles

(C) Gold particles

(D) Iron particles

Answer: (D)

43. Kromekote paper method is used in the following:

(A) determining sequence of intersecting strokes

(B) deciphering indented writings

(C) deciphering invisible writings

(D) deciphering erased writings

Answer: (A)

44. The study of fingerprints is also known as

(A) Anthropometry

(B) Dermatology

(C) Dermatoglyphics

(D) Ergonomics

Answer: (C)

45. Preliminary observations of the pooling of blood at the lowest part of the body caused by gravity is

(A) Rigor mortis

(B) Livor mortis

(C) Algor mortis

(D) All of the above

Answer: (B)

46. The causes of death in drowning are, except

(A) Gagging

(B) Asphyxia

(C) Ventricular fibriltation

(D) Laryngeal spasm

Answer: (A)

47. Match the following:

List – I                                                List - II

a. Kleptomania                                    i. Irresistible desire to alcoholic drinks

b. Pyromania                                       ii. Irresistible desire to mutilate animals

c. Dispomania                                     iii. Irresistible desire to steal articles of little value

d. Mutilomania                                    iv. Irresistible desire to set fire to things


        a b c d

(A) iii ii i iv

(B) iii iv ii i

(C) iii i iv ii

(D) iii iv i ii

Answer: (D)

48. In simple microscope if focal length of lens is 1 cm, then magnification power lies at

(A) 25 – 26

(B) 30 – 35

(C) 40 – 45

(D) 50 – 55

Answer: (A)

49. Haase rule related to fetus is employed for the determination of

(A) Weight of fetus

(B) Age of fetus

(C) Height of fetus

(D) Sex of fetus

Answer: (B)

50. Sexual perversion includes following except

(A) Sadism

(B) Rape

(C) Masochism

(D) Felichism

Answer: (B)

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