TNPSC Group 4 and VAO Exam 2018 Answer Key Download PDF

TNPSC Group 4 and VAO Exam Answer Key Download

TNPSC Group 4 General Tamil Answer Key Download: Click Here
TNPSC Group 4 General English Answer Key Download: Click Here

TNPSC General Knowledge Answer Key

101. Match of the following
a. Osmium
b. Lithium
Answer Key: C (2 , 3, 4, 1)

102. The theme of the World Special Week
Answer : A

103. Who among following women boxers was declared best boxer....
Answer : D - Ankushita Boro

104. Match the tittle winners ....
Answer : B (2,3,4,1)

105. Which City received India' First UNESCO Heritage City Certificate in September 2017
Answer : D - Ahmadabad.

106. Who has won the India's 46th Grandmaster Chess Champian Tournament-2017?
Answer : B - Srinath Narayanan

107. Which of the Following pairs are incorrent?
Answer: C  - III and IV

108. The 7th Term of the Sequence 0.12, 0.012, 0.0012 _____ is
Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

113. Which of the following statement is false in Parallelogram?
Answer: D - The diagonals bisect each other

114. Which state government has launched Gyankunj e-class project?
Answer: D - Gujarat

115. The union Ministry of Health .... IHMI stands for
Answer: A - India Hypertension Management Initiative

116. Match the Following
a. Governor
b. Chief Minister

Answer: B - (3,4,1,2)

117. Match List I with Match List II
a. China
b. Pennsylvania

Answer: B (3,4,1,2)

118. In Tamil Nadu Which year TNEB was established on the basis of EB Act of 1948?
Answer: A (1947 July 1)

119. Which Monument depicted the similarity between Prakoy Literature and Dravida Literature?
Answer: Update Soon

120. Match the following and choose the correct ans..
a. Panipet
b. Gaghra

Answer: B (4,3,2,1)

121. Agriculture Productivity can be measured in terms of ____?
Answer: C - Land and Labour Productivity

122. Which of the following devices converts light signals into electrical or electronic signals
Answer: C - 1 and 3 only

123. A man sitting in the revolving chair stretched hands, suddenly bend his hands, the angular velocity
Answer: B - Increases

124. Identify the incorrect pair
I. Washing Soda....

Answer: B - II (Bleaching Power: Ca(ClO)2)

125. Mention the floriculture centre started recenlty under the Indo Israel Joint agreement on agricultural project.
Answer: B - Thally, Krishnagiri District

126. The Planning Commission in India is known as ______
Answer: B - NITI Aayog

127. The recently conducted Indo-Maldives Joint .....
Answer: B - EKUVERIN 2017

128. India lacks a strong backhaul to get a transition to 5 G with in September 2017. Backhaul is a network.
Answer: A ( Portal for data discrimination) - Doubt ...

129. Identify the defence equipement which was officially decommissioned on December 17, 2017 by the Indian Air Force
Answer: Update Soon

130. Identify the playwright who published the work " Dark House and other Plays" in October 2017?
Answer: A - Gowri Ramnarayan

131. Which group of plants species are lower in number in the plant kingdom?
Answer: Update Soon

132. Which class of algae is used in the manufacture of dynamite?
Answer: A - Chlorophyceae

133. Which is an example for chemosynthetic heterotroph/
Answer: A - Man

Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

Answer: Update Soon

138. The angle in a semi circle is a ______
Answer: D - Right Angle

139. In which Article make provision for the appointment of a law officer, the Attorney General by President of India?
Answer: C - Article 76

140. The Government of India Introduced the Rights to Education on
Answer: C - 1st  April 2010

141. When was the legal services authority act (Lok Adalat) Passed?
Answer: B - 1987

142. The Article of the Constitution provides for a Vice President?
Answer: D - 63

143. Consider the following statement choose the correct answer from the codes given below.
Answer: B

144. Match the Following
a. Assam
b. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D (4,3,2,1)

145. The rules of Bhopal Shajehan Begum and Sultana Begum provided monetary support for the preservation of the ancient site.
Answer: B (Sanchi Stupi)

146. Farid was the original name of _____
Answer: A - Shershah (Farid Khan)

147. New Agricultural Price Policy was announced in the year ____
Answer: Update Soon

148. The birth of economics of education was announced by_____
Answer: Update Soon

149. National Integration Day celebrated in _____
Answer: A (November 19)

(Note: If found any wrong answers please inform Comment Place)

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