How to Avoid Laziness During Studies? for all competitive exams ...

Hello friends, we all know that studying is very important to get pass in examinations but studying is always not the most interesting task even for the top ranker, even they get  bored while studying. But friends if we will not study then failure is sure. Sounds horrible right? Nothing to bother just like any other things, you can get rid of it with my few tips. I am not going to tell you doing something which is not at all practical in our daily life with bla bla bla….. advices….Lets have a look upon simple steps one by one:

1. Keep your study room well lighted and ventilated : This will help you to avoid eye pain and supply good oxygen to your body.So that you may fell fresh during studies.

2. Sit on chair or on floor rather than on a bed: We are normal human beings so our body will surely prefer bed with dreams rather than books with concepts and formulae to by-heart.

3. Figure out the actual problem: We all have different circumstances so first of all focus on your real issue like if you are student then you may have more time to study, if you are working then your study hour may get depend on the mode of your job, if you are women and working or housewife again situation changes but your syllabus and the demand for the examination never get change so focus on your real life and actual problems then accordingly plan for the below next steps.

4. Make a study plan:  This step is very important and will help to organize and track down your tasks easier. Make a timetable where you set a time schedule for a certain subject and other tasks to do. In this way, it not only help you to prioritize your tasks but also your work and study will move on parallel.

5. Read aloud and practice by writing: During your preparation, personally I can recommend you this step because this step helped me a lot to become topper during my school and college days when days were heavy for my education. This step blew me to a new world of imagination about the concepts where I used to teach myself as a teacher so the boring subjects also became the interesting topics for me……the long algorithms became a poem for me……

6.Task list and check list: Just doing a task without a checkpoint will be a task of a fool . So check your task with what you have planned. This will not only save your time but also make you to be in track.

7. Revision: If at all you completely or partially forget something please don’t get scared because revision is the only solution for this problem.

8. Self reward : If you done well then why to hesitate to reward yourself….. it’s the time to self reward and boost up your positive energy. This will motivate you to run faster and faster towards your goal.

9. Lets have a breaks : Sitting in the same position for hours will obviously make you feel sleepy. So, you can take a break. During this break you may
  • Take Snacks
  • Enjoy Music
  • Watch TV serials
  • Have fun with friends
  • Link-up  your whatsapp, facebook,twitter etc.
  • Go for a walk
  • Even nap may be a good option.

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