TNPSC: Revision Notes On Inventions and Discoveries

 Inventions and Discoveries :  
1. Google- Larry Page and Sergey Brin
2. Bleaching Powder- Tennant
3. Corn Flakes- Kellogg
4. 7-Up(Soft Drink )-Charles Leiper Grigg
5. Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg
6. Hovercraft- C. Cockerell
7. Safety Pin -Walter Hunt
8. Webcam- Quentin Stafford Fraser and Paul Jardetzky
9. Logarithms-John Napier
10. Internet- Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf
11. Mobile phone- Martin Cooper
12. Periodic table -Dmitri Mendeleev
13. Calculus - Newton
14. Dynamo- Hypolite Pixii
15. Electric Chair- Thomas Edison
16. DNA Structure-  Crick, Waston, Wilkins
17. Relativity Theory – Einstein
18. Email- Ray Tomlinson
19. Neutron -James Chadwick
20. Air Conditioning-Willis Carrier
21. Ceiling fans- Philip Diehl
22. The Theory of Evolution - Darwin
23. Cinematography - Edison
24. Polythene- Eric Fawcett
25. Protons- Rutherford
26. Inert gases –Ramsay
27. Medical Thermometer- Thomas Allbutt
28. Oxygen- Joseph Priestley
29. Fountain pen - Lewis Edson Waterman
30. Supercomputers- Seymour Cray
31. Nuclear reactor-  Enrico Fermi
32. Anesthesia- Thomas Green Morton
33. Ballpoint Pen-Biro Brothers
34. Pneumatic rubber tire-J. B. Dunlop
35. Video games- Ralph Baer
36. Chocolate bar- Francois-Louis Cailler
37. Radium-Marie Curie
38. Dynamite- Nobel
39. Uranus- William Herschel
40. Yahoo- Jerry Yang and David Filo
41. Blood Group- Karl Landsteiner
42. Communication Satellite- Arthur C. Clarke
43. Spinning Jenny- James Hargreaves
44. Thermometer-Galileo
45. Postcard- John P Charlton
46. Rotary steam engine-James Watt
47. Jet Engine- Frank Whittle
48. Gamma Rays- Paul Villard
49. Celsius- Anders Celsius
50. Steel Converter-  Henry Bessemer
51. Gunpowder-Roger Bacon
52. Magnetic boat- Yoshiro Saji
53. Inclinometer-Rufus Porter
54. Genetic Engineering-Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen
55. Planets – Galileo Galilei
56. Analytical Engine- Charles Babbage
57. Submarine- Bushwell
58. Search Engine –Alan Emtage
59. Gasoline powered automobile- Karl Benz
60. Stethoscope- Henry Becquarrel
61. Aeroplane- Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright
62. pH meter- Arnold O. Beckman
63. Gramophone-Thomas Alva Edison
64. Sewing machine-Elias Home
65. Lava lamp-  Edward Craven Walker
66. D.D.T. - Paul Muller
67. Three-way Traffic Signal- Garrett Morgan
68. Gyrocompass- Elmer A. Sperry
69. Helicopter- Broquet
70. Pacemaker- Dr. Paul Zoll
71. Birth-control pill- Gregory Pincus, John Rock, and Min-chueh Chang
72. Homoeography- Hahneman
73. Titanium- William Kroll
74. Internal Combustion Engine-Otto
75. Television image dissector tube- Philo Taylor Farnsworth
76. Telegrahic code - Thomas Moore
77. Lift-Otis
78. Barometer-Toricelli
79. Penicillin-Fleming
80. Paints and Stains  from soybeans- George W. Carver
81. Frequency modulation (FM)- Edwin Howard Armstrong
82. Remote control-Zenith engineer Eugene Polley
83. Compound Microscope- Hans Janssen
84. Microwave oven- Percy L.Spencer
85. Laser - Charles Hard Townes, Arthur L. Schawlow, and Gordon Gould
86. Bifocal spectacles-Benjamin Franklin
87. Fax machine- Bain
88. Artificial heart - Michael Ellis DeBakey
89. Airship- G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
90. Calculator (pocket)- Jack Kilby
91. Solar System –Copernicus
92. Ethernet - Robert M. Metcalfe and D.R. Boggs
93. CAT(Computerized Axial Tomography)scanner- Godfrey N. Hounsfield
94. Acid- Albert Hofmann
95. Refrigerator- Oliver Evans
96. Bicycle – Macmillan
97. Atoms- John Dalton
98. Cholera Bascillus –Robert Koch
99. Atomic theory - John Dalton
100. Windshield wipers- Mary Anderson
101. Chloroform -Simpson and Harrison
102. Streptomycin-Walksman
103. Salvarsan- Paul Herlich
104. Seed Drill- Jethro Tull
105. Blood Circulation -William Harvey
106. Neon lamp- Georges Claude
107. Electric Battery- Volta
108. Thermo Flask-Dewar
109. Sound motion pictures- T.W.Case
110. Electric streetcar- Thomas Davenport
111. Hand glider- Leonardo DaVinci
112. Laptop- Adam Osborne
113. Typewriter – Sholes
114. Reaper- Cyrus Hall McCormick
115. Braille printing- Louis Braille
116. Revolver –Colt
117. Optical Fibre-Narinder Kapany
118. Small pox vaccine- Edward Jenner
119. Railway air brakes- George Westinghouse
120. Plastic surgery- Archibald Hector McIndoe
121. Television- Vladimir Kosma Zworykin
122. Diving bell- Edmund Halley
123. Morse code- Samuel Finley Breese Morse
124. Electric Generator- Michael Faraday
125. Gas mask - Garrett Augustus Morgan
126. Bakelite- Leo Hendrik Baekeland
127. Electric train- Joshua Lionel Cowen
128. AC transformer- William Stanley
129. Kodak camera- George Eastman
130. Micro-processor-  Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andrew Grove
131. X-rays- Wilhelm Roentgen
132. Miniature golf- Garnet Carter
133. Prining Press- Johann Gutenberg
134. Piano- Bartolomeo Cristofori
135. Phonograph- John Kruesi
136. Nitroglycerin- Ascanio Sobrero
137. Fuel cells - William Grove
138. Aerosol can- Erik Rotheim
139. Linotype- Ottmar Mergenthaler
140. Morphine- Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Serturner
141. Quantum Theory- Max Planck
142. Harvester- Charles and William Marsh
143. Kinematoscope- Coleman Sellers
144. Ether- Crawford Williamson Long
145. Gravity- Isaac Newton
146. Cream separator- Carl Gustav de Laval
147. Cathode ray tube- William Crookes
148. ECG-Willem Einthoven
149. Electrons- J.J. Thomson
150. World Wide Web- Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau

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