TNPSC: Important VAO Notes-On Major Kinds of Land Use and Land Utilization Types

Major Kinds of Land Use and Land Utilization Types
  • Land is constant but population incresing day-by-day with a rapid rate. So it is getting used by people in different way, sometimes the mode may be very good or worst for the human and environment too.Thus there is a need for the keen look upon the land utilization. A major kind of land use is a major subdivision of rural land use such as rainfed agriculture, irrigated agriculture, grassland,farming, forestry and recreation. 
  • Major kinds of land use are usually considered in land evaluation studies of a qualitative or reconnaissance nature.Land utilization types are not a categorical level in a classification of land use, but refer to any defined use below the level of the major kind of land use.
  • A land utilization type consists of a set of technical specifications in a given physical, economic and social setting. This may be the current environment or a future needs modified by major land improvement such as an irrigation and drainage scheme. 
      Attributes of land utilization types include data or assumptions on:
  • Power sources (such as man's labour, draught animals machinery using fuels).
  • Technical knowledge and attitudes of land users.
  • Technology employed (such as implements and machinery, fertilizers, livestock breeds, farm transport, methods of timber felling).
  • Capital intensity.
  • Labour intensity.
  • Infrastructure requirements (such as sawmills, tat factories, agricultural advisory services).
  • Size and configuration of land holdings, including whether consolidated or fragmented.
  • Land tenure, the legal or customary manner in which rights to land are held, by individuals or groups.
  • Income levels, expressed per capita, per unit of production (such as farm) or per unit area.
  • Produce including goods (such as cropslivestock timber), cervices (such as recreational facilities) or other benefits (such as wildlife conservation).
  • Market orientation (such as whether towards subsistence or commercial production).

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