TNPSC-Sample Objective Questions With Answers On General Knowledge Part-1

General Studies Objective Questions for Competitive Exams 
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1.What is the number of players in a Futsal team?
     1. 6
     2. 8
     3. 9
     4. 5
Answer: 4

2. During the Indo-China war of 1962,____________ was the Defence Minister of India .
      1. Krishnamoorthy Iyer
      2.V.K. Krishna Menon
      3. V.L UnniKrishnan Menon
      4. None of the above

Answer: 2

3.Which state government's proposal to grant mining license to south Korean steel major Posco for its proposed 12 billion dollar mega steel plant near Paradip was rejected by the Union Government?
     1. Jharkhand
     2. Odisha
     3. Chhattisgarh
     4. Madhya Pradesh
Answer: 2 

4.Name the first linguistic state to be created.
     1. Goa
     2. Sikkim
     3. Andhra Pradesh
     4. Tamil Nadu

Answer: 3

5.After a shower of rain, where does the rainbow is seen ?
     1. opposite to the sun
     2. towards the sun
     3. anywhere irrespective of the position of the sun
     4. none of the above
Answer: 1

6. In which state Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport as an International airport is located ?
      1. Assam
      2. Punjab
      3. Orissa
      4. Kolkata

Answer: 4

7.In which Indian state, Bihu - a folk dance performed on Bihu festival ?
      1. Meghalaya
      2. Arunanchal Pradesh
      3. Himanchal Pradesh
      4. Assam

Answer: 4

8. Name the currency of Somalia.
     1. Ruba
     2. Taka
     3. Somali Shilling
     4. None of the above

Answer: 3

9.Who wrote the book Suleiman Charitra of Kalyana Malla, a translation of Suleiman Charitra written by Kalyan Malla, which was released on 9 April 2015 ? 
     1. AND Haskar
     2. Arvind Adiga
     3. Kushwant singh
     4. Uma Lela
Answer: 1 

10.In earth's atmosphere, which of the following continuously decreased wih height?
     1. Temperature
     2. Humidity
     3. Wind velocity
     4. Pressure
Answer: 4

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