TNPSC: Important Notes On The Universe For All Competitive Exams

Superfast Revision Notes (General Knowledge)
The Universe, Solar System And Its Facts
Hi friends, today through my this post we may get a superfast revision note on the universe and our solar system that are very important for all the competitive exams.
  • The moon is Earth's only permanent natural satelite.
  • Hubble telescope is powered two large solar panels.
  • The diameter of Jupiter is 86,881 miles.
  • The temperature of sun's outer surface is 6000.
  • After Sun's center is left, it will start to cool down.
  • The diameter of Saturn is 120 536 kilometers.
  • Venus is the planets of the solar system which has the longest period of rotation.
  • The diameter of Uranus is 31,518 miles.
  • A terrestrial planet is a planet of a dense and rocky body.
  • A revolution of earth takes about one year.
  • Along with stars, there is a huge capacity of dust and gases.
  • The moon doesnot produce and light but it looks bright to us because it reflect light from the Sun.
  • In 1931, radio waves coming from space was first detected.
  • The Pluto is the coldest and smallest planet in our solar system.
  • The Average distance of Moon from Earth is 238,855 miles.
  • The age of Moon is 4.527 billion years.
  • The Orbital period of Moon is 27 days.
  • The Solar System was formed around 4.6 billion years ago.
  • The Sun is 300000 times larger than the Earth.
  • Earth's moon is the only place where the human have set their foot.

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