TNPSC-Sample Objective Questions With Answers On General Knowledge Part-2

General Studies Objective Questions for Competitive Exams 
Hi friends, daily practice of your general knowledge will surely prove the best in you in your exams. So dear competitive exams aspirants do practice the gk session as much as you can......  ALL THE VERY  BEST...... ROCK ON.....

1.What is the currency of Croatia?
     1. Taka
     2. Poun
     3. kua
     4. Kuna
Answer: 4

2.The Kailasanatha Temple at Kanchipuram containing scruptures with paintings in the inner walls, was built by____________?
     1. Mahendraverma
     2. Devaverma
     3. Narasimhaverma
     4. Raviverma
Answer:  3

3.The largest coastline in India is in the state____________.
       1.Tamil Nadu
       2. Kerala
       3. Gujarat
       4. Maharashtra
Answer: 2

4.In which state Ranthambore National Park is located?
        1. Kerala
        2. Rajasthan
        3. Tamil Nadu
        4. None of the above
 Answer: 2

5.The legislature of which state of the United States passed legislation on 9 April 2015 that Allows the use of nitrogen gas chambers for executions?
        1. California
        2. Oklahoma
        3. Washington
        4. Columbia
Answer: 2 

6. Sardar Sarovar Dam is being built on the river___________.
        1. Ganga
        2. Yamuna
        3. Saraswati
        4. Narmada
Answer: 4

7.Which of the following missile was successfully test-fired on 9 April 2015 by the strategic Force command (SFC) of India‘s Nuclear command Authority (NCA) off the Odisha coast in the Bay of Bengal? 
         1. Dhanush 
         2. Agni 
         3. Trishul 
         4. Nag 
Answer: 1 

8. The lens of the eye is behind the:
         1. Retina
         2. Optic nerve
         3. Pupil
         4. Vitreous human
Answer:  3

9. Dr. P. Rama Rao Committee is related with which sector?

         1. Defense
         2. Medicine
         3. Agriculture
         4. Education
Answer: 1 

10.Who is the author of ‘The Satanic Verses’?
          1. Salman Khan
          2. Salman Mushaddiq
          3. Salman Rushdie
          4. None of the above
Answer: 3

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