TNPSC - Indian Polity Important Questions with Answers (Short Notes) Download - 4

31. In which Article declares Union of States in Indian Constitution?
Answer: Article 1

32. In which part of Indian Constitution fundamental rights are given?
Answer: Part III

33. Who is the fundamental rights?
Answer: Judiciary

34. According to Indian Constitution right to property is a ________
Answer: Statutory Right

35. When was National Commistions for Minorities was conferred statutory status?
Answer: 1993

36. In which Article of the Constitution of India the right to Constitutional remedies has been provided?
Answer: Article 32

37. Which fundamental right was called the "Heart of the Indian Constitution" by B.R.Ambedkar?
Answer: Constitutional Remedies

38. Which type of writ is damanded to a person in a court, who is doubted to be detained or missing?
Answer: Habeas Corpus

39. Which of the writ can be issued by the supreme court or a high court to person a task that he failed to perform?
Answer: Mandamus

40. What is the writ issued by the supreme court or a high court to dismiss an authority?
Answer: Quo Warranto

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