TNPSC - Indian Polity Important Questions with Answers (Short Notes) Download - 3

21. How many Articles were there in the Indian Constitution?
Answer: 395

22. Which country has the largest constitution of this World?
Answer: India

23. Which country has the unwritten constitution in this World?
Answer: England

24. In which form the Indian Contitution declares India?
Answer: Union of States

25. Indian Constitution has adopted the parliament form of Government from which country ?
Answer: England

26. Indian Constitution has adopted 'the system of Judicial Review' from which country ?
Answer: U.S.A.

27. Indian Contitution has adopted 'Federal Scheme' from which country ?
Answer: Canada

28. Which is the supreme law in India?
Answer: The Constitution of India

29. The words socialist and secular have been added to the preamble of Indian Constitution by which amendment act?
Answer: 42nd Constitutional Amendment

30. Who has the power to create new states or to change the boundaries of existing states?
Answer: Parliament

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