TNPSC - Indian Polity Important Questions with Answers (Short Notes) Download - 1

1. Who is called the " Mother of all Constitutions"?
Answer: British Parliament

2. Which is mainly emphaised by Communism?
Answer: Economy Equity

3. Which is the first example of enacted constitution? 
Answer: Constitution of U.S.A

4. Who had proclaimed that 'Demogracy is by the people, ofthe people and for the people;?
Answer: Abraham Lincon

5. What type of government system exist in England?
Answer: Unitary form of Government

6. What is the name of Japanese Parliament?
Answer: Diet

7. The oldest monarchy of the world is ______
Answer: Japan

8. What is the name of Rasian Parliament?
Answer: Duma

9. Who first proposed the idea of ' Constituent Assembly' for Constitution for India?
Answer: Swaraj Party in 1934

10. Who was formed Indian Constitution?
Answer: The Constituent Assembly

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