TNPSC - Mathematics Original Questions with Answer

1. Curved surface area of the cone is___
Answer:  πrl

2. Rani walks 20 m  towards South. Then she turns left and walks 40 m. Then turing to right he walks 30m. Again turning to his he walks 40 m. Find the shortest distance between the starting and the end point.
Answer: 50 metre

3. A Solid right circular cylinder has radius 14 cm and hight 30 cm. Its curved surface area is
Answer: 2640 cm Square

4. Find the cost of fencing a square park of side 250 m at the rate of Rs.20 per meter
Answer: Rs.20000/-

5. The ration of boys and girls in a school is 7:4. If the number of boys is 2800, the  total number of students in the school is ____
Answer: 4400

6. The cost of pen is Rs.10 and the cost of Pencil is Rs.3.50. Find the ratio of the cost of pencil and pen.
Answer: 7:20

7. In 2013, the population of a city is 125000. After one year population increased by 7% then find out the population in 2014?
Answer: 133750

Answer: 9

9. Which of the following value is maximum?
Answer: 8/0.8

10. Usha borrowed Rs.20000 from Uma for 2 years at 7 1/2 per annum. At the end of the second year, what amount Usha paid to Uma if the interest is compounded annually?
Answer: Rs.23,112.50

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