Special Schemes and the Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers: Introduced

Special Schemes and the Chief Ministers who was Introduced them:

Name of the Hon'ble Chief Ministers of TamilnaduImportant Schemes
Hon'ble Chief Minister Rajajii. The Prohibition Act in September 1937
ii. Production of Handicrafts
iii. Introduction of Sales Tax (1937)
iv. Temple Entry Act 1939
Hon'ble Chief Minister Kamarajari. Mid-day meals Scheme
ii. Provision of Unifor Scheme
iii. Free Education upto High School Level
Hon'ble Chief Minister Anna DuraiRemarriage Assistance for Widows
Hon'ble Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi i. Provision of Egg in Mid-day meals Scheme
ii. Free Education upto Pre-University Level
iii. Samaththuvapuram Scheme
iv. Anna Renaissance Scheme
v. Varummun Kappom Scheme
vi. Namakku Naame Scheme
vii. 2-acre Freee Land Scheme
viii. Free Colour Television Scheme
ix. Scholarship for Unemployed for youth
x. Uzhavar Sandhai Scheme
Hon'ble Chief Minister M.G.Ri. Nutrition Meals Scheme
ii. Higher Secondary Education (10+2+3)
iii. Provision of Free Footwear Scheme
iv. Free Electricity for poor farmers
Hon'ble Chief Minister Jayalalithaai. Provision of Potato in Mid-day Meals
ii. Cradle Baby Scheme
iii. Free Cycle Scheme
iv. Rain Water Harvest Scheme
v. Free Meals in Temples

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