Important Basic General Knowledge for All Competitive Examination

1. The total number of planets revolving around the Sun is _________
Answer: Eight

2. Nitrogen in water is commonly found in the form of _________
Answer: Nitrate

3. Red rot of sugar cane is caused by _________
Answer: Colletotrichm

4. The Forests which act as barriers againts cyclones are:
Answer: Mongrove Forest

5. Cripps Mission came to India in _________
Answer: 1942

6. Who constructed Humayun's tomb in Delhi?
Answer: Haji Bagam

7. To whom the President has to submit his resignation?
Answer: Vice President

8. Name the kingdom which first used elephants in wars?
Answer: Magadha

9. The most abundant element is _________
Answer: Oxygen

10. The founder of Arya Samaj was _________
Answer: Dayananda

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