TNPSC Previous Question Papers

Previous Questions Paper - 2015

Sl.NoPrevious Question paper - 2015Link
1Assistant Statistical Investigator Exam .Date of Exam: 11.07.2015Click Here
2Assistant Medical Officer Exam .Date of Exam: 31.05.2015Click Here
3Chemist Exam.Date of Exam: 24.04.2015Click Here
4Assistant Agriculture Officer Examination Date of Exam: 18.04.2015Click Here
5Health Officer Examination. Date of Exam: 22.02.2015Click Here
6Child Development Project Officer Examination. Date of Exam:15.02.2015Click Here
7Assistant Geologist Exam. Date of Exam: 01.02.2015Click Here

                              Previous Questions Paper - 2014

Previous Question paper 2014
1 Group IV Examination Click Here
2 Group I - A Services Examination Date of Exam: 2.12.2014 to 9.12.2014 Click Here
3 Group II Main Written Examination. Date of Exam: 8.11.2014 to 9.12.2014 Click Here
4 Assistant Work Manager Examination. Date of Exam: 01.11.2014 Click Here
5 Statistical Inspector Exam. Date of Exam: 11.10.2014 Click Here
6 Combined Engineering Service Exam: Date of Exam: 27.07.2014 Click Here
7 Group I Preliminary Exam. Date of Exam: 20.07.2014 Click Here
8 Group II - A Non Interview Post Exam. Date of Exam: 29.06.2014 Click Here
9 VAO Exam. Date of Exam: 14.06.2014 Click Here
10 District Educational Officer Exam. Date of Exam:8.06.2014 Click Here
11 Draughtsman Exam. Date of Exam:3.05.2014 Click Here
12 Horticulture Exam. Date of Exam: 16.03.2014 Click Here
13 Assistant Commissioner Exam. Date of Exam: 8.03.2014 and 9.03.2014 Click Here
14 Personal Assistant to Hon'ble Judges and P.A. Assistant, Typist Exam. Date of Exam:23.02.2014 Click Here

Previous Questions Paper - 2013

Sl.No Previous Question paper - 2013 Link
1 Group - II Examination Click Here
2 Executive Officer Group - IV Examination Date of Exam: 16.11.2013 Click Here
3 Executive Officer Gruop - III Examination. Date of Exam: 19.10.2013 Click Here
4 Librarian Group-I and Assistant Surgeon Examination. Date of Exam:22.09.2013 Click Here
5 Group-IV Exam. Date of Exam: 25.08.2013 Click Here
6 Junior Inspector of Co-operative Exam: Date of Exam: 03.08.2013 Click Here
7 Assistant Engineer Exam. Date of Exam: 09.06.2013 Click Here
8 Scientific Assistant in Tamilnadu Forensic Exam. Date of Exam: 02.06.2013 Click Here
9 Assistant Statistical Investigator Exam Date of Exam: 07.04.2013 Click Here
10 Assistant Commissioner in Hindu Religion Exam. Date of Exam:30.03.2013 & 31.03.2013 Click Here
11 Combined Engineering Services Examinations. Date of Exam:02.03.2013 Click Here
12 Assistant Director of Statistics. Date of Exam: 24.02.2012 Click Here
13 Group-I Preliminary Exam. Date of Exam: 16.02.2013 Click Here
14 Sub-Inspector of Fisheries. Date of Exam:10.02.2013 Click Here

Reference: Thanks to TNPSC (http://www.tnpsc.gov.in/)

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