TNPSC Modern World History Part - 9

161. After the Kronstadt Uprising of March 1921, ________ saw that the situation was dangerous.
a) Lenin b) Bukharin c) Kamenev d) Stalin

162. Who proclaimed`, "Everything must be set aside to increase production.”? 
a) Kerensky b) Bukharin c) Kamenev d) Lenin

163. ________ thought that the collapse of Russian economy was mainly due to the introduction of 'War Communism' during the Civil War.
a)Lenin b) Bukharin c) Kamenev d)Stalin

164. Who declared a 'Retreat from Communism’?
a) Kerensky b) Bukharin c) Kamenev d) Lenin

165. In ________ Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy.
a) 1911 b) 1921 c) 1926 d) 1928

166."In order to take two steps forward", ________ said, "we shall have to take one step backward."
a) Lenin b) Bukharin c) Kamenev d) Alexander Kerensky

167. The U.S.A. accorded recognition to the Soviet Union as late as ________ 
a) 1733 b) 1833 c) 1863 d) 1933

168. The Soviet Union entered the League of Nations only in ________ 
a) 1934 b) 1936 c) 1937 d) 1938

169.The Treaty of Rapallo was between Germany and ________ in 1922
a) Portugal b) Spain c) Greece d) Russia

170. In March 1919, Lenin founded the Third International (or Comintern) in Moscow with ________ as its President.
a) Alexander Kerensky b) Bukharin c) Kamenev d) Zinoviev

171. Zinoviev was the President of the ________ from 1920 to1926.
a) Comintern b) League of Nations
c) UNO d) Bolshevik Party

172. The Russian Communist Party ________ decided the party policy and thus the policy of
the state
a) Politburo b) Orgburo c) Secretariat d) Comintern

173.The Russian Communist Party the ________ decided the party organization and party discipline
a) Comintern b) Secretariat c) Politburo d) Orgburo

174. Trotsky joined the Bolshevik Party only in ________ 
a) 1907 b) 1917 c) 1927 d) 1937

175.'Socialism in One Country' is associated with ________ 
a) Benito Mussolini b) Stalin c) Lenin d) Trotsky

176. ________ deeply believed that a socialist country could not be built up in Russia unless the revolution spread to other parts of the world.
a) Trotsky b) Benito Mussolini c) Bismarck d) Count Cavour

177. ________ advocated 'socialism in one country'.
a) Stalin b) Benito Mussolini c) Trotsky d) Lenin

178. ________ believed that Russia, with her vast resources, could build up herself as a socialist country alone, without support from the outside.
a) Lenin b) Trotsky c) Stalin d) Peter the Great

179. ‘There was no need for a world revolution’ who said?.
a) Stalin b) Benito Mussolini c) Trotsky d) Lenin

180. On January 21, 1924 ________ died.
a) Peter the Great b) Trotsky c) Lenin d) James II

Answer Keys
161.a 162.d 163.a 164.d 165.b 166.a 167.d 168.a 169.d 170.d
171.a 172.a 173.d 174.b 175.b 176.a 177.a 178.c 179.a 180.c

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